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Data Privacy in the Age of Smart Cars and Appliances

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We live in the age of IoT, where more and more of the tools we use every day are connected online, from cars and home appliances to medical equipment. However, while this technology can add convenience to our daily lives, it can also heighten risk in matters of privacy and data security.

If you lose your smartphone...

For most people, the loss of their smartphone is a nightmare scenario. But it’s not only the loss of important data and information that can cause damage. The impact may also extend to people around you, even those you’ve never met. Whoever picks up your phone might take advantage of the situation to misuse IoT services the device is registered to, or use it as a tool for cyber-attacks. Even for properly discarded IoT equipment, other parties may install malware or other malicious software before selling devices to a resale shop. Understanding the potential risks of technology is key to protecting yourself against breaches of privacy or data theft.

Protect yourself with these simple steps:

Manufacturers should design devices with risk in mind

Manufactures and developers of IoT equipment and services should also help raise awareness of potential risks. Features added during the design stage can help mitigate risk, including mechanisms to ensure that a single lost device will not impact other connected devices, and enhanced security measures for connecting a device to unknown devices and networks.

How to reduce risk for connected devices

Businesses should consider the following when adopting new technology:

Developers of IoT devices and services should consider the following:

To help companies bolster their data security, the government of Japan has released IoT Security Guidelines that address potential risks associated with connected devices. METI encourages companies to review these guidelines and do their part to minimize risk to their businesses and customers.

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Last updated:2018-11-20