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Terms of Use (Appendix)

1) Example of an indication of Third Party rights

Indications such as “Source: ___” and “Photograph: ___” used in white papers / reports (White Paper on International Economy and Trade, White Paper on Manufacturing Industries (Monodzukuri), etc.), materials used by organizations including councils and study groups (Industrial Structure Council, etc.), and other materials for explaining policies

2) Examples of Content obtained through API (application programming interface) links to external databases, etc.

YouTube(metichannel)external link

3) Content where the Terms of Use does not apply

(*Note: See each linked page for detailed information.)

Utilization of symbols, logos, and character designs

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) specifies the following rules with respect to the utilization of METI’s symbols, logos, and character designs (hereinafter referred to as “Symbols”), in order to conduct uniform information dissemination and the establishment of METI’s image and to prevent representations that may lead the public to mistakenly believe that METI appears to be an entity conducting business.

In principle, Third Parties other than METI and METI’s officers are not allowed to use METI’s Symbols. However, such Third Parties are allowed to use the Symbols in the following cases. Before doing so, consult with each division in charge of each relevant project and other matters in advance. (See item 4. under the section named “Links” in the Terms of Use as well, concerning item v.)

  1. Cases where Third Parties manufacture goods marked with the Symbols upon METI’s request
  2. Cases where Third Parties prepare materials or produce goods when conducting projects commissioned by METI and indicate the fact that METI has commissioned such materials or goods using the Symbols
  3. Cases where Third Parties prepare materials or produce goods when holding events co-organized by METI or events in which METI participates, and when conducting projects or holding events for which METI provides support, financial assistance, or cooperation and indicate the fact that such events are co-organized by METI and the like using the Symbols (limited to materials and goods that are not primarily sold for profit)
  4. Cases where Third Parties reprint materials that are published by METI and marked with the Symbols
  5. Cases where Third Parties create links to METI’s website using the Symbols as link icons
  6. Cases where business operators that have contracts for the procurement of services or other contracts with METI display the symbols of private companies and the Symbols side by side in lists of customers and the like on the websites of such business operators

You Tube

Utilization of the following software and programs (information systems)

If you have any questions when planning to use pictures, images, logos, posters, pamphlets, leaflets, or survey reports besides in the matters described above, contact the division in charge of each relevant project and related matters as described above or the Public Relations Office under the Policy Evaluation and Public Relations Division under the Minister’s Secretariat.


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