Startup Visa

- New residential status and supporting entrepreneurs coming to Japan -

What is the “Startup Visa”?

You can start a business in Japan, if you obtain a status of residence under the category of “business manager”. However, you have to meet certain requirements such as securing an office in Japan. When you take advantage of the “Startup Visa”, you can stay in Japan for up to one year and prepare for starting a business, before the requirements are met. In the meantime, municipalities firmly support you.

Please see the website below, for application of the status of residence under the category of “business manager”.

How do you take advantage of the “Startup Visa”?

You apply to one of the municipalities approved by the Japanese government, with a business plan and other documents. If you pass an examination by the municipality and a subsequent immigration examination by the Immigration Services Agency, you can take advantage of the “Startup Visa”.

Contacts for the “Startup Visa”

The list of the municipalities that are providing specific support related to the "Startup Visa" and links to their contacts appear on the following website. Please contact them, if you are interested in obtaining a “Startup Visa”.

hokkaido gifu iba sen shibu yokohama osaka kyoto aichi mie kobe fukuoka oita Contacts for the “Startup Visa”

Click on area's name for more infomation.

*Requirements including business field and required documents vary depending on the municipality.

Division in Charge

Startup and New Business Promotion Office, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau

Last updated:2022-08-10