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Japan’s Roadmap to “Beyond-Zero” Carbon


Key Milestones on Japan’s Roadmap

Japan’s roadmap to tackle the challenge of climate change is bold and ambitious.

It is marked by three key milestones. Firstly, Japan’s commitment under the United Nations Climate Change Convention to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 26% from 2013 levels by 2030.

The second milestone is to promote the development of innovative technologies by 2050 that enable Japan to contribute to the reduction in accumulated atmospheric CO2 globally to “Beyond Zero”.

The third and most ambitious milestone unveiled by Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide on October 26, 2020, calls for Japan to achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050. This bold pledge sets Japan on a course to become Carbon Neutral in 30 years.


Japan’s approach is based on three key principles


Promote Innovation & Technology as the agents of change in tackling the challenges of global warming.


Promote Green Finance to support the development of innovation and new technologies.


Support greater International Cooperation for business-led adoption of innovative green technologies.

Japan’s Scorecard

Japan is currently on track to meet the first milestone on its roadmap to become a decarbonized society.

2.7%Fall in GHG emissions in FY 2019

Bringing Japan’s annual GHG emissions to a record low since emissions tracking began three decades ago.

6Straight years of lower emissions

Driven by a steady expansion of renewable energy sources as well as energy-saving technological innovations.

14%Down from benchmark year of FY 2013

Putting Japan well on track to achieve the first GHG emission milestone of meeting its targets for 2030.

3rdBiggest reduction among G7 nations from FY 2013

Lagging only the United Kingdom and Germany among the world’s largest economies.