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Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Implementation Act

Overview of the Scheme

Related measures to be implemented by the Act 

(1) Organize an implementing body

A new implementing body will be established to steadily implement reprocessing related activities. The main activities of the implementing body include the development of a master plan of overall nuclear reprocessing projects, collection of the expenses paid by electric power utilities, and commission of the reprocessing activities of spent fuels to a private entity (namely, Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited (JNFL)).

(2) Secure funds for reprocessing operations of spent nuclear fuel

Electric power utilities will be obligated to make annual payments to the implementing body to secure funds for nuclear reprocessing projects. These funds will be independent from individual electric power companies and should cover the operating costs of reprocessing activities including MOX fabrication activities.

(3) Establish an appropriate governance system

By setting up a management committee that consists of experts for the decision-making process, the transparency of the newly established organization will be improved.


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Divisions in Charge

Last updated:2016-10-20