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Consideration of a scheme for the Japan's FIT


Accelerating the introduction of renewable energy is important not only for diversifying our sources of energy (Energy security) and combating global warming (Environment) but also for the development of green industries (Economy). It is essential for Japan to create an environment conducive to the expansion of the introduction of renewable energy in Japan by identifying the appropriate mix of regulatory measures (e.g., FIT(feed-in tariffs)), public support and private-sector voluntary efforts that are best suited to the characteristics of each energy source.

With regard to photovoltaic generation, an area where policies can have a significant effect on technology innovation and in which development of this sector is expected, a buyback program of surplus electricity was launched on November 1, 2009.

To create a more conducive environment, METI has decided to establish a "Project Team" on the a scheme for the Japan's FIT(hereinafter "the Project Team"), which will discuss what kind of system should be introduced to purchase renewable energy generated in Japan, in consideration of many aspects, such as how much burden to place on the public and measures to stabilize power systems.

Schedule of the Project Team

In 2009

6 November 1st METI PT meeting

We implemented the 5th hearing within 2009, based on opinion collection.

30 November 1st hearing
3 December 2nd hearing
8 December 3rd hearing
10 December 4th hearing
22 December 5th hearing

In 2010

Mid-January Overseas surveys to identify options to propose
Late January 2nd METI PT meeting
Organizing issues, based on hearing surveys
From mid-February 3rd & 4th METI PT meeting
Evaluating and summarizing policies in Japan and abroad; analyzing buyback costs
Around March 5th METI PT meeting
Interim report: Presentation of options [options 3-5]
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