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Connected Industries

Japan aims to achieve “Society 5.0” in the future through the full utilization of technological innovation including IoT, AI and Big Data derived from the fourth industrial revolution. To achieve Society 5.0, industries must play a key role. In light of this, the Japanese government has announced “Connected Industries,” as a new concept framework in which industries will create new added value and the solutions to various problems in society through connectedness of various facets of modern life, including humans (including our roles as consumers and suppliers), machines, systems, companies. To this end, the Japanese government is advancing a wide variety of policy initiatives in cooperation with private sector parties.

What is the “Connected Industries”?

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Q. What is the “Connected Industries” initiative that Minister Seko is advocating as a model for future Japanese industries? Please provide some examples.

Q.Germany is also advocating a similar initiative called “Industrie 4.0.” What are the differences between the Connected Industries and Industrie 4.0 initiatives?
Industrie 4.0 being advocated by Germany is an initiative that aims to increase efficiency and optimize all processes in the manufacturing industry, from design and production to retail trade and maintenance, by networking the whole of the supply chain at the levels of equipment and products.

Q.Will there be risks involved in Japan's pursuit of the Connected Industries initiative? If so, how are you going to deal with the risks?
Sharing and utilization of data are key to realizing the Connected Industries initiative. It is true that cybersecurity and other challenges are emerging as a result of the increased volume of data transferred due to the vigorous creation of new businesses using such data.

Q. How will Japanese society change?

Q.What is attractive about Connected Industries as an investment target for foreign companies?

Q.Where is more detailed information available?

Five Priority Fields Tackled under the “Connected Industries”

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Last updated:2023-12-05