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Plant Factory - Nihon Advanced Agri Corporation -

From the Front Line
Nihon Advanced Agri Corporation

Company information

Company name Nihon Advanced Agri Corporation
Facility name Nagahama factory
Location 617-1 Suehiro-cho, Nagahama-shi, Shiga-ken
CEO Akihisa Tsuji
Capital 45,000,000 Yen
Establishment April 3, 2006
Employees 4

Business description

Category Fully artificial light-type
Major products

Ice plant/ficoide glaciale/glacier lettuce cultivated under stress (names vary by country).
New and unique vegetables will be released around May 2013.
Supplement/health food made from the vegetable above.

Production volume 140,000pack( 30g)/year (Max.)
Actual land area 264m2(including R&D area)
Planted area 182m2(including R&D area)
Number of employees required for cultivation(person/ha) 2~3 (including R&D)
Picture of building
Picture of building

Features and selling points

Features of the vegetable(s)

We produce an upcoming healthy vegetable with unique salty flavor and sparkling crunchy stalks. The vegetable is grown with our proprietary cultivation technology using HEFL lighting.

Vertical farming has potential in life science businesses such as healthy foods and cosmetics in addition to agriculture.

Features of the plant factory

We provide consultation and support of vertical farming systems and the selections of artificial grow lights using LED (dark red and blue, 3-wavelength wideband) and HEFL lightings

Our vertical farming systems with stylish designs can be used or applied in :*In-store production of vegetables in restaurants, *Urban rental farms *Retirement communities as relaxing activities.

We also provide 40ft container cultivation systems that can be installed in vacant lots, greenhouse and warehouses for vegetable production and nursing seedlings.

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Last updated:2013-05-02