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Announcement of the "Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100"

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has selected companies that strive to capture global markets, secure high market share in niche sectors, and carry out healthy management, and approve and recognize such companies as “Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100.”

METI has also selected additional companies, which are expected to dramatically grow in the future, as “next GNT,” sister enterprises next to the Global Niche Top Companies.

1. Outline of the Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100

One of METI's missions is to support Japanese enterprises that excel in developing business overseas and are leading Japan’s economy, so as to ensure the improvement of such enterprises’ global competitiveness.

From this viewpoint, METI decided to commend outstanding enterprises that have achieved excellent results in developing business overseas as Global Niche Top companies (hereinafter "GNT companies") and to establish a GNT Companies Selection 100 program, aiming to share the experience of such outstanding companies among the public and provide other enterprises that wish to be GNT companies with such experience as an indicator to show the direction of business management. METI selected the winners for the first time since the establishment of the program.

METI called for applicants of the program and selected the winners after having an examination committee of external experts evaluate them based on the following evaluation criteria of whether or not such applicants [i] compatibly achieve both global share and profits, [ii] have unique and independent characteristics, [iii] address approaches to risk of losing out to competitors, and [iv] maintain sustainability of their global share. Focusing on these criteria, METI selected 100 enterprises as "Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100" and 7 enterprises as "next GNT companies", sister enterprises next to GNT companies.

In addition, METI will formulate measures for supporting GNT companies and those that wish to be GNT companies, based on the Japan Revitalization Strategy, which was approved by the Cabinet in June 2013.

METI expects that information concerning the efforts of the selected enterprises as successful examples will be an indicator of the direction along which a greater number of enterprises will be motivated to enter global markets and succeed in expanding business, and will contribute to increasing the global competitiveness of Japanese enterprises.

2. Outline of the winners

In the GNT Companies Selection 100 program, the committee examined applicants categorized into the following groups from [i] to [v]. The numbers of the winners in each category are as follows:

[i] Machinery and processing (52 companies)
[ii] Materials and chemistry (20)
[iii] Electricity and electronics (15)
[iv] Consumer goods and others (13)
[v] Next GNT (7)

In addition, the total number of winning GNT companies by scale comes to 6 for large enterprises, 25 for medium enterprises, and 69 for SMEs.

METI is scheduled to compile the results of the winners’ efforts into a booklet and publicize it in the future.


List of the winners (PDF:185KB) PDF File(in Japanese)

Release Date

March 17, 2014

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  • Manufacturing Industries Policy, Manufacturing Industries Bureau

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