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The Week from June 10 to 16 is Explosives Safety Week

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1. Outline of Explosives Safety Week

Explosives Safety Week is an annual event held by METI, aiming to ensure the safety of the public by preventing people from being involved in disasters and accidents caused by explosives.

2. Details of the event

METI will prepare implementation guidelines for carrying out Explosives Safety Week events (see Appendix in Japanese), and convey them to the Regional Industrial Safety and Inspection Departments, local governments, and organizations related to explosives. At the same time, METI will create posters to raise public awareness of Explosives Safety Week and distribute them to related organizations and entities.

Based on the guidelines, such organizations will hold related events in the context of the actual regional situations as well as encourage public awareness of the prevention of disasters caused by explosives and promoting safety activities.

During the week, the Regional Industrial Safety and Inspection Departments and local governments hold various events, including workshops on explosives safety and commendation ceremonies to recognize people who contribute to promote safe practices.

3. Period of the event

From June 10 (Tues.) to June 16 (Mon.), 2014

Release Date

May 16, 2014

Division in Charge

Mine Safety and Explosive Control Division, Distribution and Industrial Safety Policy Group

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