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METI to Establish a Strategic Council for Creating Data-Driven Innovation-For creating a new industry by encouraging the increased sharing and use of shared data by enterprises through removing barriers between enterprises-

In recent years, expectations for the ability of big data to lead to creation of new businesses and solutions to social challenges are rising. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been supporting enterprises to create a new business by making use of data, and, consequently, new enterprises are emerging in agriculture, medical services and other fields, making cutting-edge efforts. However, the number of successful examples of new business created and business collaboration through sharing data between enterprises is still limited.

METI considers it necessary for Japan's future economic growth that a new value-creating effort to share and make use of this shared data between enterprises, which METI refers to as “data-driven innovation,” be focused on and promoted. As a first step toward the goal, METI has established the Strategic Council for Creating Data-Driven Innovation, and the council will hold its first meeting on June 20, 2014.

1. Background and objectives

In recent years, development of technology in the IT area, including sensor networks and cloud computing, has enabled us to collect and analyze a large variety of data. As the term “big data” has spread throughout society, some enterprises are making use of their data so as to start unique efforts for creating new businesses and adding value to their current services.

As a part of such efforts, promoting utilization of data across existing sectors and organizations is expected to create huge potential. However, in many enterprises, sharing data with other firms contradicts management principles, so they are only making use of their own internal data for improving their added value.

As a factor behind the sluggish pace of promoting utilization of data shared across sectors and between organizations, some businesses still suffer from inadequate skill levels, including approaches to obtaining and utilizing data in exploring new business and industries, while others have high expectations for the potential of utilizing such data. Currently, some companies are starting new businesses supporting such enterprises by providing know-how, analysis skills, consultation services for helping companies in different sectors to create partnerships and infrastructure for utilizing useful data from a variety of fields in a simple manner; and the number of such companies has been gradually increasing. However, full-fledged operation of such services is not yet on track.

To revitalize and strengthen Japanese industry, METI considers it important to communicate the significance of achieving innovation through making use of data, establish a new framework under which businesses are able to formulate new business partnerships by sharing data across sectors and organizations, and take new action in which businesses in a broad variety of fields are able to make use of data across sectors.

Based on this recognition, METI has named such action “data-driven innovation,” in which enterprises are motivated to innovate in business by sharing and utilizing data and to remove barriers that exist between them, without being limited to existing business forms or stereotypes. METI decided to establish a Council for Creating Data-Driven Innovation, aiming to assemble enterprises that will lead specific action that creates data-driven innovation, have them exchange information, conduct business matching events, and resolve challenges.

METI hopes that the council will provide businesses and experts (that are sympathetic to the action of utilizing data across sectors and organizations) with an opportunity to exchange information, and thereby trigger solutions to various challenges and create successful cases of these endeavors.

At the first meeting of the council, METI will explain the outline of the plan, offer some goals which participants can strive for in creating data-driven innovation, and introduce cutting-edge efforts in the field, and participants will exchange views and information on the proposals in a free discussion format.

2. First meeting of the council

June 20 (Fri.), 2014; 13:00-15:00
METI hall - basement floor (pending)
1-3-1, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
Expected participants:
People who wish to lead the data-driven innovation initiative, including researchers

Examples: Data storage business operators, data providers, data distribution platform creators, data utilization consultants, research companies, data analysis businesses, IT system vendors, news media

250 (free admission)
Please note that if a larger number of applications are received, participants per company will be limited.
How to apply:
If you wish to attend the first meeting of the council, visit the following website to access the registration form and fill in the form with the necessary information for registration by June 18 (Wed.), 2014: External Site Link (in Japanese)

For further details, see the Japanese language press release.

Release Date

June 9, 2014

Division in Charge

Information Economy Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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