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Japan Patent OfficeJPO Published English version of Brochure Titled “Regional Brands in JAPAN” which introduces registered Regional Collective Trademarks-For Supporting Overseas Business Expansion of Japanese Regional Brands-

In April 2006, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) introduced the Regional Collective Trademark System, for the purpose of protecting and promoting Japan’s regional brands. As a part of JPO’s initiative for further promotion and utilization of the system, 528 cases from the already-registered regional collective trademarks are compiled into an English brochure titled “Regional Brands in JAPAN.”

1. Outline of the Regional Collective Trademark System

The Regional Collective Trademark System is a trademark registration system under which requirements for registering a trademark are relaxed to further facilitate the registration of a trademark composed of the combination of a place name and a product or service name, such as Oma Maguro (tuna), Yonezawa Gyu (beef), and Gero Onsen (hot spring). As of May 2014, 560 regional collective trademarks are registered with the JPO.

2. Outline of the brochure

The JPO gained approval from the rights holders of the registered 528 regional collective trademarks and compiled the trademarks into a brochure in English arranged by prefecture. The brochure introduces the 528 trademarks as well as pictures of the goods or services in relation to the trademarks.

3. Approaches to utilizing the brochure

The JPO will send the brochure to government organizations and trademark examination organizations in major countries, expecting the brochure to be used for trademark examinations, as well as providing the brochure to those who contribute to disseminating Japan’s brands overseas. Through such efforts, the JPO expects that the brochure will help further promote Japan’s regional brands.

The JPO also endeavors to convey information on such brands to overseas countries, aiming to support overseas business expansion concerning regional brands registered as regional collective trademarks.

The brochure is accessible by downloading it from the following JPO website: External Site Link

Release Date

June 13, 2014

Division in Charge

Trademark Division, Trademark and Customer Relations Department, Japan Patent Office

Cover of the brochure
Example of a registered trademark in the brochure
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