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Announcement of the Draft JIS concerning Children’s Clothing (New Safety Standard for Cords and Drawstrings)-Period for disseminating the standards and raising public awareness of the standards among people involved in the industries related to children’s clothing, including manufacturers and consumers-

On June 23, 2014, the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC) held the 49th meeting of the Technical Committee for Consumer Affairs. At the meeting, the committee decided that a new JIS, L4129, which stipulates safety standards for children’s clothing, particularly the requirements for cords and drawstrings as accessories on children’s clothing to be established and promulgated in December 2015.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, a secretariat of the JISC, hereby releases the new JIS, L4129 as a draft before the official promulgation of the standard in December 2015.

1. Outline of the draft JIS

The Japanese government has not publicly received any report concerning a serious accident caused by children’s clothing. However, according to the results of a survey, 77% of the respondents answered that they have felt that cords and drawstrings on children’ clothing present a danger to their children, and the major concern was that it is possible for children to become entangled in such cords and drawstrings.

In Western countries, cords and drawstrings on children’s clothing have been the cause of some fatal accidents. In response, the related governments established official safety standards for such cords and drawstrings, leading to success in decreasing the number of accidents, according to a report. Aiming to prevent children from being involved in accidents caused by such cords and drawstrings, the JISC decided to formulate a new JIS that requires related industries to meet standards for such cords and drawstrings based on age group and body part to ensure that children’s clothing which is produced or distributed is safe (see Appendix(PDF:132KB) PDF File (in Japanese)).

2. Current situation of the manufacture and sale of children’s clothing

Taking into consideration the seasonal cycle for children’s clothing, namely, spring-summer clothing and fall-winter clothing, it takes about one year for industries to commercialize such clothing, from design to manufacture and final sale. Based on this fact, after publicizing the draft JIS, it is necessary to provide related industries with a certain period of time to understand and satisfy the requirements that are stipulated in it. In addition, most of the manufacturers and importers of such clothing are SMEs and small enterprises, and considering the number of such enterprises, it will take significant time to disseminate the new JIS and raise public awareness.

In this context, if the draft JIS were to come into effect immediately, the presence of both old and new JIS-compliant products would cause confusion for the consumers who wish to purchase products which satisfy the JIS requirements

3. Announcement and distribution of the final JIS

The JISC held the meeting of the Technical Committee for Consumer Affairs, chaired by Dr. Yoshihiro Aikawa, professor emeritus, Ochanomizu University, and at the meeting, the committee decided to newly establish the draft JIS and also decided that the new JIS will be promulgated in December 2015, taking into consideration the current situation of industries related to the manufacture and sale of children’s clothing, and that a public notice will be issued on the same date.

The draft JIS will be finalized and publicized at the end of June 2014 on the JISC website. The final JIS will be promulgated in December 2015 and a public notice will be issued on the same date, when 2016 spring-summer clothing arrives in stores, the earliest time by which related industries are able to comply with the final JIS.

The details are scheduled to be posted on the JISC website External Site Link(in Japanese)

Release Date

June 24, 2014

Division in Charge

Standardization Office for Consumers and Environment, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau

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