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Authorization of a Business Restructuring Plan Submitted by VJ Holdings under the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act

On June 25, 2014, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) authorized a business restructuring plan under the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act, submitted by VJ Holdings.

According to the plan, VJ Holdings will take over the domestic personal computer business and a portion of the related assets (hereinafter referred to as the “PC business”) from Sony Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Sony”). VJ Holdings will utilize the outstanding quality of Sony’s PC business and will endeavor to optimize the business resources. By doing so, the company will establish a position as the “niche top” PC manufacturer leading Japan, aiming at continuous business growth and further increases to the value of the business.

1. Authorization of the Business Restructuring Plan

METI examined the business restructuring plan submitted by VJ Holdings pursuant to Article 24, paragraph (1) of the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act. METI concluded that the company satisfied the requirements specified by said Act as an entrepreneur who is to carry out a business restructuring defined by Article 2, paragraph (11) of said Act, and authorized the plan.

Following the authorization, the company wishes to receive a reduction of the registration and license tax required for the capital increase resulting from the investment accompanying the takeover of the PC business, as well as to receive debt guarantee as a support measure from the Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Japan.

2. Implementation period

From July 2014 to May 2017

3. Applicant’s profile

Name: VJ Holdings
Capital: 25,000 yen
Representative: Toshikazu Ugawa, president
Head Office: 5432, Toyoshina, Azumino City, Nagano Prefecture


For details of the Act and the related supportive measures, please visit the following website:

Release Date

June 25, 2014

Division in Charge

Information and Communication Electronics Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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