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METI Minister Motegi Visited Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

From August 4 to 10, 2014, Mr. Toshimitsu Motegi, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) visited Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan with economic missions. During his visit, he had meetings with dignitaries of each country.

1. Ukraine

Minister Motegi became the first METI Minister to visit Ukraine, with an economic mission led by the Committee on Ukraine, Keidanren (Japan Business Federation). The purpose of this visit was to conduct the dispatch of an economic mission to Ukraine, which was declared by Prime Minister Abe at the G7 Summit, as well as to flesh out bilateral cooperation in the energy field, which was declared by Minister Motegi at the meeting of G7 Energy Ministers. During his visit, he had meetings with H.E. Mr. Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Prime Minister, H.E. Mr. Pavlo Sheremeta, Minister of Economic Development and Trade, and H.E. Mr. Yuriy Prodan, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry, and agreed on the following three points.

The first point concerns energy cooperation. Minister Motegi signed a joint statement on energy cooperation with Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Prodan. Through this cooperation scheme, Japan will provide support for improving the efficiency of coal-fired power generation and formulating a master plan on energy policy, in order to enhance the energy security of Ukraine. As a part of the support for coal-fired power generation, Japan will conduct a demonstration project for turbine renovation through the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) after inspecting the facilities. This expressed support, in particular, was highly appreciated by Ukraine.

The second point regards an investment agreement with Japan which is under ongoing negotiations. In light of the importance of an improved investment environment for supporting Japanese companies’ activities in Ukraine, both countries agreed that they will make major advancement in the negotiations by the end of this year.

Thirdly, both countries agreed to cooperate in realizing a practical business mission by JETRO at an early stage, in addition to the economic mission conducted this time.

Moreover, Minister Motegi participated in the Japan-Ukraine Business Consultation Meeting, which was jointly held by Keidanren and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, and delivered a speech. About 110 Japanese and Ukrainian participants from the government and private sectors joined the meeting and made a great contribution to the deepening of cooperative relationships among companies from both countries.

Meeting with Minister Sheremeta

Signing ceremony with Minister Prodan

Meeting with Prime Minister Yatsenyuk

2. Uzbekistan

The first time in seven years for a METI Minister, Minister Motegi visited Uzbekistan with an economic mission led by the Japan-Uzbekistan Economic Committee. He met with H.E. Mr. Islam Karimov, President, H.E. Mr. Azimov Rustam Sadikovich, First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, and Mr. Ganiyev Elyor Majidovich, Minister of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade.

The Uzbekistan side expressed that they highly evaluate Japan’s technologies and they would like to utilize Japan’s technologies in developing economic infrastructure, including power plants and irrigation equipment, which is an urgent issue for Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan also appreciated Japan’s cooperation in the electricity sector, expressing a high expectation for further expansion of cooperation in the future. In addition, both countries concluded a memorandum of cooperation under which JETRO and the Information Support and Foreign Investments Promotion Agency of Uzbekistan will conduct information exchange, etc., with a view to promoting the trade and investment relationship between the two countries.
On the occasion of this visit, the Japan-Uzbekistan Business Forum was held and the cooperative relationship among the companies of both countries has been also strengthened through the forum.

Minister Motegi also visited Samarkand and recognized that the cooperation by Japanese companies in the field of bus/truck production makes a significant contribution to the local economy.

Meeting with Minister Ganiyev

Meeting with First Deputy Prime Minister Azimov

Visit to a Japanese company in Samarkand

3. Kazakhstan

The first time in two years for a METI Minister, Minister Motegi visited Kazakhstan with an economic mission led by the Japan-Kazakhstan Economic Committee. He met with H.E. Mr. Karim Massimov, Prime Minister, H.E. Mr. Asset Issekeshev, Minister of Investment and Development, and H.E. Mr. Vladimir Shkolnik, Minister of Energy. In those meetings, both countries reached an agreement on the following two points.

The first point regards the promotion of trade and investment between both countries. With Minister of Investment and Development Issekeshev, Minister Motegi signed a joint statement for further development of a mutually-beneficial economic cooperative relationship. Both countries agreed not only to cooperate in improving the investment environment through the signing of an investment agreement at an early stage and to facilitate the smooth promotion of projects in the mineral resources field, etc., but also to enhance the cooperation in a wide range of fields, including fostering the manufacturing industries and small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition, Medical Excellence Japan (MEJ) and Kazakh Research Institute of Oncology/Radiology signed a memorandum for establishing an advanced cancer detection center.

The second point concerns cooperation in the resources and energy field, especially in the nuclear power field. Minister Motegi signed a memorandum on cooperation in the nuclear power field with Minister of Energy Shkolnik, while confirming future cooperation in the resources and energy field, including construction of a nuclear power plant and oil resource development, with Prime Minister Massimov and Minister of Energy Shkolnik.

Meeting with Minister Issekeshev

Meeting with Prime Minister Massimov

Signing ceremony with Minister Shkolnik

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August 11, 2014

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