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CoFesta 2014 will be Held as Part of the Initiatives to Further Convey Japan’s Content to the World-Conveying the attractiveness of Japan’s content to the world-

From September 18, 2014, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will start an annual event, titled CoFesta (Japan International Contents Festival) 2014. Aiming to further convey Japan’s content to the world, METI will hold a variety of events including the main international fairs, closely related to the content industry, thereby providing an opportunity to create channels between the global markets and Japan’s content industry.

1. Outline of the event

CoFesta is an annual project for supporting related industries to further convey Japan’s various content to other countries, aiming to effectively transmit the achievements of various events to other countries, which are related to the content industry, including games, animation, comics, character mascots, broadcasting, music and films, all of which Japan presents to other countries with pride, as well as other industries closely related to the content industry, including fashion and design.

Title of event: CoFesta (Japan International Contents Festival)
Organizer: CoFesta Executive Committee
Venues: Various cities across Japan and worldwide (for details of the events, see the Japanese language press release)
Expected number of visitors: Around 2 million

2. Characteristics of the event

CoFesta 2014 will present 18 content-related official events, including Tokyo Game Show and Tokyo International Film Festival. In particular, Japan Content Showcase 2014 will provide a market across the borders of the content industry, in which a variety of international fairs for Asian video pictures, music and animation are combined, and will be held for the third time this year. The event will also provide a combined market with TIFFCOM, a market jointly held with Tokyo International Film Festival, Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM), a global music market, and Tokyo International Animation Fair (TIAF), a fair focusing on animation-related industries. Through such combined market, METI will encourage related industries to communicate across fields and develop their business overseas.

Aiming to effectively convey information on its official and partner events to the world, CoFesta 2014 will cooperate with JAPACON* and promote the introduction of Japan’s high-quality content through SNS to the world, mainly TV programs and animations, which Japan presents to other countries with pride.

*Note: With more than 270,000 fans in 45 countries through SNS, JAPACON is a website for promoting the introduction of Japan’s content to other countries and for supporting entities to create new business opportunities, mainly for TV broadcast centers and associations for the rights of digital content.

Furthermore, in FY2013, METI started a program titled “CoFesta Ambassadors,” in which about 140 overseas students from more than 30 countries, who are fans of Japan’s content, will proactively introduce the efforts of CoFesta to the world so as to make more overseas content users aware of such efforts. In FY2013, the CoFesta Ambassadors covered the events of CoFesta 2013, exchanged views with stakeholders and buyers of Japan’s content after having experienced such content, conducted PR activities of various events, and submitted proposals to the content industry. METI will continue the program this year, mainly focusing on official events.

Through these CoFesta initiativess, METI will comprehensively support a series of processes for encouraging entities to develop their business overseas, including marketing activities making use of CoFesta Ambassadors’ opinions, promotion activities through SNS, and business matching events, inviting people from around the world.

In FY2014, the eighth year of the CoFesta event, METI will endeavor to further enhance the cooperation with international fairs and other official events in terms of conveying information, so as to invigorate Japan’s content industry and cultivate new global markets.

CoFesta official website: External Site Link

CoFesta Ambassadors

Release Date

September 16, 2014

Division in Charge

Media and Content Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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