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The 27th Tokyo International Film Festival to be Held-Expanding the range of venues from Roppongi to Nihonbashi and Kabuki-za-

From October 23 to 31, 2014, the 27th Tokyo International Film Festival, one of the largest international film festivals in Asia, will be held, expanding the range of venues from Roppongi, the venue in 2013, to Nihonbashi and Kabuki-za.

1. Outline

Only 14 film festivals are authorized by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations, of which the Tokyo International Film Festival is one of the largest and most prestigious in Asia. The festival provides global film industries a business base, as well as encouraging cultural development. In 2014, the festival will be held not only in Roppongi, the venue in 2013, but also in Nihonbashi and Kabuki-za, expanding the range of venues, with Mr. Yasushi Akimoto invited to produce the festival. The festival will present a variety of events unique to Japan, focusing on conveying Japanese contents to other countries.

Title: The 27th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF)
Organizer: UNIJAPAN
Co-organizers: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Japan Foundation Asia Center, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Venues: Roppongi Hills (6-10-1, Roppongi, Minato Ward, Tokyo); Toho Cinemas Nihonbashi (2-3-1, Nihonbashimuromachi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo); Kabuki-za (4-12-14, Ginza, Chuo Ward, Tokyo)
Date: From October 23 (Thurs.) to 31 (Fri.), 2014
Expected number of visitors: About 120,000
Official website: Site Link

2. Characteristics of the festival

[i] Enhanced functions for an international film festival

Overseas media will be provided with enhanced hospitality, including information centers dedicated to them, and a variety of exchange events will be held concerning Japanese and Asian films; for example, events featuring Asian films (Thai films this year) will be held, and people related to overseas film industries will be invited and networks among them created, in cooperation with the Japan Foundation Asia Center.

[ii] Efforts for showing animated films

At the 2014 festival, the lineup of events is focused on animation, content that Japan is proud of, featuring the works of Mr. Hideaki Anno, a director, mainly at the venue in Nihonbashi. In addition, a variety of films will be shown and conveyed to the world, including presenting a world-premiere showcase of the latest Disney film.

[iii] Conveying Japan’s attractiveness to the world by being integrated with the Cool Japan initiative

In addition to video content, other attractive content from Japan will be presented to overseas, including special shows at Kabuki-za, a source of traditional Japanese performing arts, events for cuisine presented by top-level chefs who lead Japan, and special events of the world cosplay summit.

On October 23, the opening ceremony will be held, bringing people from related industries, press media, and the government inside and outside Japan together at Roppongi Hills. In addition, on October 27, dance performances and special film shows will be held at Kabuki-za. The festival will provide film-related people and film fans inside and outside Japan with opportunities to get together, meet new, talented people, and exchange information during the event.

CoFesta (Japan International Contents Festival) is a world-class contents festival that integrates various fields. At the festival, a variety of events related to the content industry, including games, animation, comics, character mascots, broadcasting, music and films, all of which Japan is proud of, as well as other industries having high affinity with the content industry, including fashion and design, are held in a collaborative manner. This annual festival was inaugurated in 2007, and it is held this year for the eighth time.

Title of event:
CoFesta 2014 (Japan International Contents Festival)
Organizer: CoFesta Executive Committee
Venues: Various cities worldwide, including Tokyo
Expected number of visitors: Around 2 million
Official website: External Site Link

Release Date

October 16, 2014

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Media and Content Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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