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METI to Hold Japan Content Showcase 2014-International Video, Music and Animation Fairs to be Jointly Held in Odaiba, Tokyo-

From October 21 to 23, 2014, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will hold Japan Content Showcase 2014 (JCS2014) in Odaiba, Tokyo, which is an event combining cross-field international fairs for video, music and animation contents.

1. Outline

As part of CoFesta, the world’s largest international event for contents (see Appendix 1 (PDF:206KB) PDF File(in Japanese)), Japan Content Showcase 2014 (JCS2014) is an event held in Odaiba, Tokyo, where three international fairs focusing on video (film and TV programs), music and animation contents are integrated into one market providing one-stop access to multiple fields of content. This year will be the event’s third.

Title of event: Japan Content Showcase 2014 (JCS2014)
Organizers: METI, UNIJAPAN (secretariat of JCS2014; organizer of TIFFCOM); Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC) (organizer of TIMM); Association of Japanese Animations (AJA) (organizer of TIAF)

Venues: Grand Pacific Le Daiba, 2-6-1, Daiba, Minato Ward, Tokyo; Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, 1-1-10, Aomi, Koto Ward, Tokyo

Period of event: From October 21 (Tues) to 23 (Thurs), 2014
Expected number of visitors: Around 20,000
Official website: External Site Link

2. Characteristics of the Japan Content Showcase 2014

[i] Installing Property Zone as a new effort

A new booth, titled “Property Zone” will be installed, aiming to promote the development of a variety of products based on content subject to the protection of intellectual property rights. This event, for the first time in the history of the JCS2014, will provide two booths , which are famous branded concepts: one for the “MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM the 35th Anniversary Project” and the other for the “Moshi Moshi Nippon”.


[ii] International fair directly connected to business opportunities

TIFFCOM, content market held jointly with the Tokyo International Film Festival, and the Tokyo International Anime Festival (TIAF),will provide an exhibition of unique global content markets, showing a variety of products from the largest number of countries in the fair’s history, mainly from Asian and also from South America, Africa, and Europe.

[iii] Conveying information to the world by involving users

Tokyo International Music Market (TIMM) will hold live performances called “Music Showcase” (see Appendix 2 (PDF:220KB) PDF File (in Japanese)) to provide buyers with fantastic live events at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo, located next to the venue of the fair.

[iv] Events for creating networks among film makers

A seminar concerning animation production and the business surrounding the industry in India will be held, with people from India’s major related sectors invited, aiming to support participating Japanese enterprises in creating business networks. In addition, as an event for creating such networks, at which film makers who aim to create international joint films between Japan and other countries get together, two events, titled “ACE Co-Production Lab” and “KO-PRODUCTION in TOKYO 2014” will be held.

[v] Full-fledged seminars

A variety of seminars will be held, focusing on trends in the content business against the backdrop of recent progress in information technology and business matching efforts for attracting film makers overseas to Japanese locations for shooting films. In addition, in collaboration with the Asia Content Business Summit (ACBS)* to be started on the same date as the JCS2014, sessions will be held for discussing topics focusing on a theme titled “International cooperation in collaborative production and other efforts .”

*Note: ACBS was launched on 2008, aiming to foster and develop the content industry in Asia, to bring people from the public and private sectors from Asian countries and regions together, and to provide such people with opportunities to discuss measures for addressing challenges commonly seen among the content industries in such countries and regions.

Changes in the number of entities that take part in the exhibition

Achievement of the JCS2013

Release date

October 16, 2014

Division in Charge

Media and Content Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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