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The IEC General Meeting in Tokyo 2014 to be HeldSetting up the Meeting Concept: “Integration toward a Smarter World”

From November 4 (Tue.) to 15 (Sat.), 2014, the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) General Meeting in Tokyo 2014 will be held at the Tokyo International Forum, which is an annual meeting of the IEC.

At the IEC General Meeting in Tokyo, Japan, as the host country, sets a unique meeting concept titled “Integration toward a Smarter World”. Besides IEC’s official meetings, unique associated events, including technical visits, symposiums, and exhibitions of technologies, will be held. Through them, Japan’s outstanding technologies and efforts will be conveyed to the world so as to contribute to solve global challenges.

1. Outline of the IEC

In 1906, the IEC was founded as an international organization aiming to contribute to developing industries, invigorating international trade, and improving user-friendliness of products and services, through the activities for developing international standards and for assessing conformity concerning electrical, electronic and related technologies. Currently, there are 83 member countries and about 7,000 international standards have been formulated.

Since January 2014, Dr.Junji Nomura (corporate advisor, Panasonic Corporation) has been in the post of IEC President, the third Japanese IEC President since the foundation of the organization in 1906 and the first in a decade.

2. Outline of the meeting

The IEC annually holds the general meeting, including the Council, meetings for organizational management, and expert committees for standards development. The 2014 IEC General Meeting will be held from November 4 to 15 at the Tokyo International Forum in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, and will be the fourth meeting in Japan since the IEC General Meeting in Kyoto in 1999. The meeting is expected to be attended by about 2,500 participants from 84 countries, including about 1,800 people from abroad (as of October 31 based on the registration data).

For the IEC General Meeting in Tokyo 2014, the host country, Japan, set up a unique meeting concept titled “Integration toward a Smarter World”. Based on it, a variety of events will be held, including IEC’s official meetings, and associated events for overseas participants (technical visits, symposiums, exhibitions of technologies, and indoor demonstration experiments). These events will aim to contribute to cultivating future business and promoting international standards, by conveying Japan’s outstanding technologies and efforts in the field of smart technology, which attracts global attention, particularly in the cutting-edge fields of electricity and electronics (e.g. including smart cities, smart grids, electrical cars, energy conservation, environment friendliness etc.).

Furthermore, in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, sightseeing tours in Tokyo, experience-based cultural programs, and other events will be held, through which Japan will transmit Tokyo’s attractiveness and Japanese culture to the world.

3. Date and venue

Date: From November 4 (Tue.) to 15 (Sat.), 2014
Venue: Tokyo International Forum (1-5-1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo)
IEC General Meeting in Tokyo 2014 official website: External Site Link

Release Date

November 5, 2014

Division in Charge

International Electrotechnology Standardization Division, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau

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