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Technology Demonstration Satellite ASNARO-1 was Successfully Launched

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) succeeded in launching a technology demonstration satellite called “ASNARO-1 (Advanced Satellite with New system Architecture for Observation)” in Russia.

METI has been advancing research and development for achieving the production of a highly-functional, compact and low-cost satellite.

As one of such efforts, METI has finally succeeded in launching the technology demonstration satellite called “ASNARO-1,” the details of which are as follows:

Launch vehicle: Dnepr rocket
Launch site: Yasny launch base, Russia
Launch date and time: 16:35 on November 6 (Thurs.), 2014 (Japan standard time)
First signal receipt time: 16:53 (Japan standard time)

METI will conduct a variety of technology demonstrations and assessments after deploying the solar array paddles and adjusting their attitude.

This demonstration will contribute to establishing Japan’s technology for achieving the production of highly-functional, compact and low-cost satellites.

Outline of the performance of the ASNARO-1

  • Major on-board device: Optical sensor for Earth observation
    Optical Resolution: 0.5 m or less
    Observable width: 10 km
  • Mass: 450 kg

Release date

November 6, 2014

Division in charge

Space Industry Office, Manufacturing Industries Bureau

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