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METI to Hold Training Programs to Support Enhancement of Information Security in the ASEAN RegionAiming at Improvement of the Investment Environment in the Region through Enhancing Information Security

From February 16 to 25, 2015, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will hold a series of training programs titled “The Training Program on Enhancing Information Security for ASEAN: Focusing on ISMS and ICS (Industrial Control System) Security,” aiming to improve systems and business environments in emerging countries.

1. Background and purpose

In response to the request from the ASEAN region proposed during the 5th Japan-ASEAN Information Security Policy Meeting in October 2012, METI decided to hold the third series of training programs for enhancing information security in the ASEAN region, following the first one held from February to March 2013 and the second one in January 2014. In addition, the training is also an initiative which was discussed at the ASEAN-Japan Ministerial Policy Meeting on Cybersecurity Cooperation in September 2013.

During the training, METI will hold lectures for participants in the public and private sectors from the ASEAN countries and related organizations, concerning information security management systems (ISMS), which form a set of policies that comply with an international standard of information security management, and cyber security management systems (CSMS), which form a framework for security management concerning control systems.

ISMS contribute to the development of institutional information management systems, creating an atmosphere of external trust in information security, and reducing the probability of the occurrence of incidents or damage caused by such incidents, while CSMS are standards for enhancing the security of control systems applied to critical infrastructures and other devices in power plants and other facilities.

METI expects that the training will help people involved in the ASEAN region to develop a better understanding of the importance of ISMS, CSMS, and information security in general, and that participants will contribute to diffusing such efforts to the people in the region. In addition, training is also scheduled to be held at the Control System Security Center (CSSC) in Tagajo City, Miyagi Prefecture.

Enhancement of information security in the ASEAN region will encourage improvement of the investment environments in the regions, and also contribute to the activities of Japanese companies that are now considering expanding their business in the region.

2. Outline of the training

Title of training:
The Training Program on Enhancing Information Security for ASEAN: Focusing on ISMS and ICS (Industrial Control System) Security
From February 16 (Mon.) to 25 (Wed.), 2015
[i] Tokyo Kenshu Center, Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (HIDA); 1-30-1, Senju-azuma, Adachi Ward, Tokyo
[ii] Tohoku Tagajo Headquarters (TTHQ), Control System Security Center; Miyagi Reconstruction Park F21 6F; 3-4-1 Sakuragi, Tagajo City, Miyagi Prefecture
Expected participants:
30 people involved in related public-private organizations in eight ASEAN economies (Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam)
Major programs of the training:
[i] Explanations concerning the latest trends of information security, importance of information security and ISO/IEC27000 Series, and current states of control systems and their potential
[ii] Overview of ISMS (ISO/IEC27001)
[iii] Overview of CSMS (IEC62443-2-1)
[iv] Workshops
[v] Tours of Japanese enterprises

Release date

February 16, 2015

Divisions in charge

  • Office for IT Security Policy, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau
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