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The Management Investor Forum was Launched

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has newly established the Management-Investor Forum to provide opportunities for the top management of Japanese enterprises, global institutional investors, and other relevant experts to discuss challenges to and measures for increasing corporate value in the medium to long-term, the promotion of productive dialogue, and effective corporate information disclosure. On June 10, 2015, the first Management- Investor Forum was held.

1. Outline of the Management Investor Forum

Based on the Japan Revitalization Strategy, revised in 2014, the Management-Investor Forum was established to provide opportunities for businesspeople leading the global economy, including executives of Japanese enterprises and Japanese and global institutional investors, to have higher-level discussions on challenges and measures for sustainable growth and corporate value creation in the medium to long-term. In particular, it is expected that disseminating Japan and other countries of the suggestions raised at the forum will lead to deeper discussions at various opportunities including this forum, which will promote changes in the consciousness and actions of enterprises and investors.

The first meeting covered the understanding of corporate value creation that enterprises and long-term investors had in mind, along with ideal methods of creating corporate value, constructive dialogue that allowed both enterprises and investors to make efforts to improve corporate value, and frank information disclosure that promoted such conversations.

METI plans to publish the topics and issues covered at the meeting for publication in the future, and also to ensure that these topics are further explored in business and politics by cooperating with relevant organizations.

2. Background

The Revised Japan Revitalization Strategy, which was approved by the Cabinet on June 24, 2014, lists measures for enhancing productivity and profitability through enhancing corporate governance, promoting the supply of risk money, and improving the investment chain as measures for restoring Japan's earning power.

As an important policy issue, the Japan Revitalization Strategy has referred to the improvement of the investment chain –the series of investment processes leading up to the return of profits earned from investment to households– with the aim of promoting investment in corporate value creation in the long-term, along with measures to promote efforts for sustainable growth by companies themselves and to increase corporate value in the medium to long-term.

In order to realize such a virtuous cycle of value creation, it is indispensable that both companies, as the principle source of value creation, and investors, as suppliers of risk capital, deepen their mutual understanding through high-quality dialogue and together strive for sustainable growth and corporate value creation in the medium to long-term perspective.

Based on the above understanding, the Japan Revitalization Strategy Revised in 2014 and The ITO Review of Competitiveness and Incentives of Sustainable Growth suggested the establishment of the Management Investor Forum as a platform comprised of the industrial community and investors, and relevant organizations.


Release date

June 10, 2015

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Corporate Accounting, Disclosure and CSR Policy Office, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau

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