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The Survey Report on the Market Structure of the Flat Glass Industry was Compiled

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) investigated the market structure of the flat glass industry pursuant to Article 50 of the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act and compiled the results into a report which was published on June 26, 2015.

In this report, METI assumes that Japan will face severe situations in the field of flat glass, such as decreases in domestic demand due to economic sluggishness, decreases in new housing construction and domestic automobile sales, as well as increases in imports from foreign countries including China, which has been oversupplying flat glass. Based on this information, METI forecasts the trends in the future flat glass supply-demand balance.

Concerning such severe situations, METI presents the challenges that the industry may face and proposes future directions toward which the industry should make efforts, including the prospect that the industry may need to consolidate facilities and restructure its business in the near future due to the decrease in flat glass production.


Article 50 of the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act (excerpt)

If the government finds it necessary to facilitate business reconstruction by business operators, it shall conduct research to investigate trends in the supply and demand of products or services or to confirm the market structure, including whether or not the target business fields are in a state of structural oversupply, and also shall publicize the results.

For further details, see the Japanese language press release.

Release date

June 26, 2015

Division in Charge

Housing Industry, Ceramics and Construction Materials Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau

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