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METI to Call for Applicants for New Diversity Management Selection 100 in FY 2015– Priority Issues for FY 2015 Have Been Newly Set -

Since FY 2012, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has conducted the Diversity Management Selection 100 project, aiming to broadly introduce to the public the efforts made by enterprises that exercise outstanding diversity management policies in order to encourage enterprise-based initiatives leading to more proactive utilization of a greater variety of untapped human resources, and has selected over 140 superior enterprises.
On July 14, 2015, METI started calling for applicants for the New Diversity Management Selection 100 (METI Minister’s Award) project, for which priority issues have been set for a new phase, in order to further accelerate moves toward promoting diversity management.

1. Outline of the project

To strengthen Japanese enterprises’ competitiveness while facing economic globalization and an aging society with fewer children, it is necessary to promote diversity management, which provides diverse human resources, including women, foreign people, the elderly, and challenged people (people with disabilities), with opportunities to exercise their potential to the greatest extent possible and to take part in the value creation process.

From this viewpoint, the Management Selection 100 project aims to spread diversity management promotion through recognizing and publicizing proactive efforts toward implementing diversity management by enterprises of various sizes in a broad spectrum of industries as those having management abilities that contribute to Japan’s economic growth. The efforts of those enterprises selected and recognized are broadly promoted through the Internet and booklets, and it is also expected that this publicity will result in higher external acclaim for such enterprises, which, for example, will enable them to acquire excellent human resources.

In the New Diversity Management Selection 100 project that is being launched in FY 2015, reforming ways of working, opening new fields of work, and contributions of foreign staff, which have been rarely selected, are set as priority issues. METI expects many small and medium enterprises to apply for the project.

Note 1: Diversity management is a strategy under which enterprises conduct management so as to create innovation and generate value by utilizing a variety of human resources and providing them with opportunities to exercise their maximum potential.
Note 2: For the best practices of the winners from FY 2012 through FY 2014, visit the website of Diversity Management Selection 100: (in Japanese)

2. Priority issues

In FY 2015, fields that have had very few applicants, or rarely been used as criteria in the selection process for the Selection 100have been set as priority issues in order to spearhead a new phase of the Selection 100. METI is looking forward to your application with cases of raising enterprise value through (1) reforming ways of working, such as correcting the practice of excessive overtime work, (2) opening new fields of work and role enhancement for women, and (3) the promotion of contributions of foreign staff.

3. From application to commendation

(1) To apply

Please download the application form and application instructions from the New Diversity Management Selection 100 website, and prepare the application documents according to the instructions.
(Website of New Diversity Management Selection 100) (in Japanese)

(2) Deadline

Five p.m. on September 14 (Mon.), 2015

(3) Application selection and schedule of the commendation ceremony

An examination committee (Appendix 1(PDF:54KB) PDF File (in Japanese)) will evaluate the applicants based on the evaluation points (Appendix 2(PDF:465KB) PDF File (in Japanese)) and select the winners. A commendation ceremony is scheduled to be held in March 2016.

(4) Secretariat and contact office

Secretariat of New Diversity Management Selection 100 in FY 2015, Ernst & Young ShinNihon, LLC
Contact persons: Bei, Kitamoto, and Ikeda
Telephone: 03-3503-1555

4. Schedule (tentative)

  • September 14 (Mon.), 2015: Deadline for applications
  • Late October 2015: Document screening (second meeting of the examination committee, not open to the public)
  • From November to December 2015: Interviews
  • Early February 2016: Final decision on winners (third meeting of the examination committee, not open to the public)
  • Mid-March 2016: Commendation ceremony

Release date

July 14, 2015

Division in Charge

Economic and Social Policy Office, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau

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