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Decision on the Merchandized Goods Selected for The Wonder 500™- Project to Select Regional Products that Japan is Especially Proud of and to Broadly Provide the World with the Relative Information -

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) started The Wonder 500™ in May 2015 in order to promote regional vitalization through Cool Japan. METI hereby announces the 500 kinds of merchandized products selected as excellent regional products that Japan is especially proud of, yet are unknown throughout the world.

1. Outline of the project

Although there are many “Regional Specialties” (goods, foods, travel experiences, etc.) throughout Japan, which foreign people can purchase or experience, there are various difficulties in the development of sales channels, provision of information, and successful public relations overseas. The purpose of The Wonder 500™ is to vitalize regions as well as small and medium enterprises by having professional “connoisseurs as producers,” who have knowledge and experience in the development of sales channels and public relations overseas, discover and select regional products in order to support the dissemination of relative information to the world as well as perform other activities.

2. Merchandized goods selected

Regional Specialties were discovered through recommendations by producers and public invitations for applications, and a total of 500 of them were approved.

Breakdown by category

Travel experiences (10), kitchen goods (129), household goods (68), stationery (37), furniture and interior goods (33), fashion (75), food (115), beverages (33)

Breakdown by region

Hokkaido region (10), Tohoku region (48), Kanto and Koshinetsu region (150), Chubu region (70), Kinki region (95), Chugoku region (32), Shikoku region (33), Kyushu and Okinawa region (62)

3. Future plans

(1) In addition to exhibitions and public relations activities for discovered Regional Specialties to be conducted in Japan and overseas, networking events including business matching events are to be held in various regions.

Events in Japan
Tokyo September 2 (Wed.) through September 4 (Fri.), 2015 80th Tokyo International Gift Show Autumn 2015 (special event to exhibit all merchandized goods)
Toyama November 6 (Fri.) through November 8 (Sun.), 2015 32nd Traditional Craft Products Month National Assembly (exhibitions of merchandized crafts)
Osaka November 11 (Wed.), 2015 Seminar and networking event (including some exhibitions)
Hiroshima November 13 (Fri.), 2015 Seminar and networking event (including some exhibitions)
Fukuoka November 16 (Mon.), 2015 Seminar and networking event (including some exhibitions)
Sendai In February 2016 Seminar and networking event (including some exhibitions)
Sapporo February 19 (Fri.), 2016 Seminar and networking event (including some exhibitions)
Tokyo February 23 (Tue.), 2016 Seminar, networking event, and debriefing meeting (exhibitions)
Events overseas
Paris, France September 5 (Sat.) through September 12 (Sat.), 2015 Exhibition of merchandized goods at “PARIS DESIGN WEEK 2015”
London, U.K. November 2015 through March 2016 (planned) Tie-up with global affairs magazine “MONOCLE,” etc.
Taipei, Taiwan December 2015 through January 2016 (planned) Exhibitions and sales at locally famous shops such as Eslite Bookstore
Hong Kong, China November 2015 through December 2015 Public relations events planned
New York, U.S. Under negotiation Public relations events planned

(2) Storybooks and multi-lingual website to be produced to tell the stories behind the 500 Regional Specialties, etc.

Visit the website of the project below for details.
https://thewonder500.comExternal Site Link (in Japanese)
The Wonder 500™ Project Management Office: Revamp Corporation
Spokespersons: Noel Communication Inc.
Tel: 03-3760-9690 / Fax: 03-5408-8433 / Email:


Release date

August 27, 2015

Division in Charge

Creative Industries Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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