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State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yamagiwa visited the United States

Mr. Daishiro Yamagiwa, State Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, visited the United States from September 28 through October 1, 2015. He visited local enterprises and held talks with industry-academia stakeholders in Silicon Valley where a number of world-leading information technology enterprises are located or have been established for the creation of new businesses utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data, as well as the creation of new industries by venture enterprises.

Visit to Local Enterprises and Talks

  1. State Minister Yamagiwa visited Amazon, IBM, and Google, which are leading enterprises conducting research and development with the use of technologies, including AI. He was informed of the latest development and investment trends of the respective companies, experienced automatic speech recognition technology and automatic operation technology. He also discussed with project managers and persons in charge of project development the ideal state of a future society and industry that utilizes the latest technologies, including AI.. State Minister Yamagiwa requested their cooperation in Japanese government projects to accelerate the launching of new business models that will utilize IoT, big data, and AI.

    Furthermore, State Minister Yamagiwa held a meeting and exchanged opinions with researchers at Stanford University who are advancing a project to conduct long-term research and prediction of the socio-economic effects of AI. State Minister Yamagiwa mentioned the need to establish a forum to discuss social rules, information security, and ethics issues that will inevitably occur as revolutionary changes are brought to social and industrial structures with the advent and implementation of AI.

    Visit to local enterprises and exchange of opinions

  2. State Minister Yamagiwa exchanged opinions with relevant persons at venture enterprises on various topics including views on the ecosystems of Silicon Valley where venture enterprises are making use of venture capital to conduct investment activities and provide consulting services, while also manufacturing and selling a wide variety of products, including electric vehicles, which have been emerging one after another.

    Visit to a venture enterprise and exchange of opinions.

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October 8, 2015

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New Business Policy Office, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau
Information Economy Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau Information and Communication Electronics Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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