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Joint Press Release with the National Police Agency, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the Ministry of the EnvironmentNovember is Eco-Drive Promotion Month!– Let’s Start Eco-driving to Save the Earth and Save Money –

The Eco-Drive Promotion Liaison Committee, composed of representatives from the National Police Agency (NPA), the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), and the Ministry of the Environment (MOE), designated November as “Eco-Drive Promotion Month.” This is an initiative to raise public awareness in order to disseminate and promote Eco-driving.

1. Eco-Drive Promotion Month

Measures for Eco-driving aim to promote a set of vehicle driving techniques that helps reduce the environmental load of driving. METI has been working in cooperation with the NPA, MLIT, and MOE to spread these practices in accordance with the "Eco-Driving Dissemination and Promotion Action Plan," which was formulated in FY 2006.
In order to continue to disseminate and promote Eco-driving, the Eco-Drive Promotion Liaison Committee has designated November as "Eco-Drive Promotion Month" because November is a high tourist season and a time of year when people tend to drive cars more often. The committee will conduct intensive publicity activities taking advantage of Eco-Drive Promotion Month, including organizing a symposium and hosting events throughout Japan. For the details of the symposium and events, see Appendix 1 (PDF:341KB) PDF File (in Japanese). (This Appendix introduces 132 cases of major promotion and dissemination activities concerning Eco-driving to be conducted during Eco-Drive Promotion Month and 44 cases of such activities to be conducted before and after the Month.)

2. “10 Recommendations for Eco-driving”

The committee originally formulated “10 Recommendations for Eco-driving” in 2003, which are recommended for Eco-driving, and partially revised the list in 2006 and 2012. Through these actions, the committee has continued to raise public awareness of Eco-driving.
The committee will make further efforts to disseminate and promote Eco-driving based on the 10 recommendations.
The 10 recommendations are shown below. For details, see Appendix 2 (PDF:141KB) PDF File (in Japanese).

10 Recommendations for Eco-driving

  1. Press the accelerator gently when accelerating
  2. Reduce acceleration and deceleration while keeping enough distance between cars
  3. Release the accelerator earlier when decelerating
  4. Use air conditioners appropriately
  5. Avoid unnecessary idling
  6. Avoid traffic jams; leave home with time to spare
  7. Check the pressure of the tires as the first step toward better maintenance
  8. Take out unnecessary loads
  9. Do not block traffic when parking
  10. Be aware of your fuel consumption

Release date

October 30, 2015

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  • Energy Efficiency and Conservation Division, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
  • Automobile Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau, METI
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