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November 2015

December 7 (Japanese release dates below)

November 30 Results of the Ninth Japan-China Energy Conservation and Environment Forum

December 3 (Japanese release dates below)

November 27 METI Concludes an MOI on Cooperation in Industrial Human Resource Development in the Mekong Region with the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand

December 2 (Japanese release dates below)

November 27 The First International Registration of Industrial Designs Owned by a Japanese Company since the Hague Agreement concerning Designs Entered into Force was Internationally Published.
November 26 METI to hold Meetings of the Study Group on Entities Which Provide Essential Services For Regions
November 26 Minister Hayashi Visits Indonesia
November 24 Progress Report 2014-2015 on the Corporate Reporting Lab

November 30 (Japanese release dates below)

November 18 Minister Hayashi Attended the 2015 APEC Ministerial Meeting
November 17 Establishment of a Study Group on the Omotenashi Standard Certification (Provisional Name)!
November 4 Study Group on Promoting Electronification of Processes for Shareholder Meetings to Be Established

November 26 (Japanese release dates below)

November 24 METI Conducted Prior Registration for Retail Electricity Suppliers (on November 24, 2015)
November 21 Announcement of “Follow-up of the Partnership for Quality Infrastructure”
November 20 Recall of Batteries (Lithium Polymer) Sold by Ambientec Corporation (Recall of the Products and Refund)
November 17 Achievement of Target for Reduced Emissions during the First Commitment Period Prescribed by the Kyoto Protocol Has Been Confirmed

November 25 (Japanese release dates below)

November 24 Fourteenth Round of Negotiations on the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement
November 13 Operation of Domestic Systems for the JCM Started

November 24 (Japanese release dates below)

November 19 Basic Survey on the Information and Communications Industry (Preliminary Report)
November 17 Further Strengthening of Cooperation in the IP Field between Japan, China, and the Republic of Korea
November 12 State Minister Takagi Visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Kuwait

November 19 (Japanese release dates below)

November 12 METI Parliamentary Vice-Minister Kitamura Visited the State of Qatar and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

November 18 (Japanese release dates below)

November 9 Prime Minister Abe Received the ABAC 2015 Report to APEC Economic Leaders

November 17 (Japanese release dates below)

November 10 Winners of the Sixth Career Education Awards and the Fifth Awards for Partnerships for Career Education Promotion

November 16 (Japanese release dates below)

November 11 METI to Conduct the FY 2015 Nadeshiko Brand Initiative

November 13 (Japanese release dates below)

November 13 METI to Request that Main Subcontracting Enterprises Promote Fair Subcontracting Practices
November 10 FY 2014 Energy Supply and Demand Report (Preliminary Report)

November 11 (Japanese release dates below)

November 6 Japan-China-Korea International Symposium on Intellectual Property Is to Be Held

November 10 (Japanese release dates below)

November 9 METI Has Conducted Prior Registration for Retail Electricity Suppliers
November 4 Survey of Factory Location Trends in the First Half of FY 2015 (January-June)(Preliminary Report) Was Complied

November 9 (Japanese release dates below)

November 4 Plans by the University of Tokyo Were Approved as a Support Program for Utilizing Specified Research Results Pursuant to the Industrial Competitiveness Enhancement Act
November 2 Announcement of Winners of the FY 2015 Ninth METI Minister’s Awards for Best Contributors to Product Safety

November 6 (Japanese release dates below)

November 6 The 4th meeting of Japan - EU Railway Industrial Dialogue
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