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December 2015

January 19 (Japanese release dates below)

December 28 METI Formulates the Cybersecurity Management Guidelines

January 8 (Japanese release dates below)

December 25 JPO Strengthens Cooperative Relationship with the Department of Intellectual Property, Ministry of Commerce in Thailand

January 7 (Japanese release dates below)

December 28 METI Conducts Prior Registration for Retail Electricity Suppliers (on December 28, 2015)
December 28 METI Compiles the Results of a Study on the Circumstances Surrounding the Electricity Business for the Full Liberalization of Entry into the Electricity Retail Market

January 6 (Japanese release dates below)

December 25 Announcement of Typical Cases regarding the Status of Residence of Foreign IT Human Resources and the Points-based System for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals
December 22 FY 2015 Patent Contest and Design Patent Contest Award Recipients

January 5 (Japanese release dates below)

December 25 The Cabinet Approves the Cabinet Order for Enforcing the Revised Trade Insurance and Investment Act
December 24 METI Signs a New Memorandum of Cooperation on Strengthening Chemical Management with the Ministry of Industry of the Kingdom of Thailand
December 21 METI Establishes the Study Committee on Utilization of the Robot Testing Field and the International Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Facility (Robots)
December 21 METI and the TSE Will Hold a Presentation for the 2016 Health & Productivity Stock Selection

December 28 (Japanese release dates below)

December 24 Steel Demand Prospects for the Fourth Quarter of FY 2015 (January-March 2016)
December 17 Japan and the State of Israel reached a substantial agreement on a bilateral investment agreement

December 25 (Japanese release dates below)

December 25 The EU-Japan Working Group on Corporate Social Responsibility Held

December 24 (Japanese release dates below)

December 15 IoT Acceleration Lab Will Hold the 1st Event for Project Organization and Company Collaboration by Theme, IoT Lab Connection

December 22 (Japanese release dates below)

December 21 METI Conducts Prior Registration for Retail Electricity Suppliers (on December 21, 2015)
December 18 SMEA Announces the Fourth Round of “Declarations of Support for Regional Specialties”
December 17 METI Announces the Conclusion of the WTO Information Technology Agreement (ITA) Expansion Negotiations

December 21 (Japanese release dates below)

December 17 METI Compiles ZEB Roadmap
December 17 METI Compiles ZEH Roadmap
December 16 The Fourteenth Meeting of the J-Credit Scheme Certification Committee Held

December 18 (Japanese release dates below)

December 15 METI Parliamentary Vice-Minister Hoshino Attends COP21
December 11 Release of the Assessment Policy concerning Applications for Approval of Wheeling Service Provisions

December 17 (Japanese release dates below)

December 14 METI Starts Open Data Demonstration for the Revitalization of the Service Industry
December 14 The 142nd Survey of SME Business Conditions (October–December 2015)
December 11 Agreement on the Promotion of a Modal Shift through Collaboration between Three Enterprises
December 11 Announcement of Japan-India Make-in-India Special Finance Facility on a Scale of 1.5 Trillion Yen
December 9 Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) Project in Viet Nam Registered

December 16 (Japanese release dates below)

December 11 Directions for the Review and Revision of Contents concerning the Applications on Wheeling Charges by Electric Power Companies
December 9 JCM High-level Meeting was Held

December 14 (Japanese release dates below)

December 7 The IP5 Offices Hold the Inaugural Industrial Design 5 Forum (ID5)

December 11 (Japanese release dates below)

December 10 Ninth Round of Negotiations (DG/DDG Meetings) on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) among Japan, China and the ROK
December 4 Announcement of Winners of Awards under the Excellent Green Logistics Commendation Program

December 10 (Japanese release dates below)

December 8 Japan and the Republic of the Philippines to Establish Joint Crediting Mechanism

December 9 (Japanese release dates below)

December 7 METI Conducts Prior Registration for Business Operators Including Retail Electricity Suppliers (on December 7, 2015)
December 3 Guide for Procedures for Filing International Trademark Applications Compiled at the Fourth TM5 Annual Meeting between the JPO, KIPO, OHIM, SAIC, and USPTO

December 8 (Japanese release dates below)

December 4 FY 2014 Amounts of Fluorocarbons Recovered from Commercial Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Units Pursuant to the Law for Ensuring the Implementation of Recovery and Destruction of Fluorocarbons Concerning Specified Products (Former Law)

December 4 (Japanese release dates below)

December 1 JPO to Start the FY 2015 Anti-Counterfeiting Campaign
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