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Joint Release with the Japan Sports Agency Interim Report by the Sports Development Council Released Toward a Vision for the Sports Industry

The Sports Development Council established jointly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japan Sports Agency has released its Interim Report, entitled “Toward a Vision for the Sports Industry.”

1. Background

As the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games approach, it is expected that consumer and investor sentiment will pick up among public and private companies, and that overseas interest in Japan will grow. METI and the Japan Sports Agency jointly established the Sports Development Council to take full advantage of this opportunity to reinvigorate the sports industry. The Council has met six times to date, undertaking discussions with experts concerning measures to develop the sports industry, and has now released its Interim Report entitled “Toward a Vision for the Sports Industry.”

Based on this report, the Council intends to reflect the recommended measures to be taken in the FY2017 budget request. In addition, it plans to engage in more in-depth discussion of the various issues identified and to set out strategic initiatives for the development of Japan’s sports industry in the forthcoming Vision for the Sports Industry (tentative) before the end of the fiscal year.

2. Outline of the Interim Report

As well as setting out the basic approaches to promoting the sports industry – 1. Moving toward a sports industry that will enrich the lifestyles of the public; 2. Transitioning from cost centers to profit centers; and 3. Actualizing the growth potential of the sports industry and turning it into one of Japan’s key industries – the Interim Report sets out the overall direction and specific future initiatives regarding each of five key issues: i. Approaches to stadiums and arenas; ii. Strengthening the business capabilities of sporting contest organizers and promoting the creation of new business; iii. Human resource development and utilization in the sports sector; iv. Creation of new business by blending sport with other industries; and v. Expanding public participation in sport.

Release date

June 14, 2016

Division in Charge

Service Affairs Policy Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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