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Study Group for Ideal Approaches to Diversity Management as a Competitive Strategy to be Established(Toward a new paradigm: Diversity 2.0)

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has been aware that it is significant for Japanese companies to clarify ideal approaches to diversity management, which will contribute to improving their growth and profitability, and to further attract the attention of companies or investors to their diversity management. To discuss measures to achieve the goal, METI decided to establish a Study Group for Ideal Approaches to Diversity Management (Diversity 2.0) as a Competitive Strategy.

1. Background

Many Japanese companies are now facing difficulties in changing external environments caused by globalization and other factors. To address this situation, they need to dramatically change the existing business models that seek homogeneity and efficiency, and to this end, many companies are raising awareness of diversity management as a necessary clue to solve their business challenges. Such dramatic change is also inevitable for solving problems pervading Japan, such as the deteriorating competitiveness, declining birthrate, and labor shortage, as well as for improving companies’ competitiveness.

2. Efforts to be taken by the study group

At the meetings, the study group will focus on viewpoints and efforts concerning actions to be taken by companies for diversity management, extract characteristics of the best practices that outstanding companies have achieved in their diversity management programs, and discuss ideal approaches to successful diversity management. In addition, the study group will also discuss ideal approaches to providing information on diversity management to the public and determining an ideal method that stakeholders can use to evaluate such companies’ activities.

3. Schedule

The study group will hold the first meeting on Friday, August 19, 2016, and the second meeting onward about once a month. It plans to compile the meeting results into a report by the end of FY2016.

As additional information, the meetings will not be open to the public, so as to ensure an opportunity for members of the study group to exchange their opinions in a frank and free manner. However, the distributed materials and a summary of the minutes of the meetings will be publicized.


Release date

August 19, 2016

Division in Charge

Economic and Social Policy Office, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau

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