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September 2016

October 19 (Japanese release dates below)

September 30 Initiation of an Anti-Dumping Investigation on Polyethylene terephthalate with a high degree of polymerization Originating in the People’s Republic of China

October 18 (Japanese release dates below)

September 27 The Cabinet Approved the Cabinet Orders for Stipulating the Effective Date of the Spent Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Implementation Act

October 11 (Japanese release dates below)

September 29 Call for Applicants for the Seventh Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Awards
September 30 Survey of Factory Location Trends in the First Half of FY2016 (Preliminary Report) (January-June)

October 7 (Japanese release dates below)

September 29 METI State Minister Takagi Visited Algeria

October 6 (Japanese release dates below)

September 29 The 145th Survey of SME Business Conditions (July-September 2016) is Released
September 15 The Cross-sectional System Study Group for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Compiled a Report

October 5 (Japanese release dates below)

September 28 Demonstration Projects to be launched in October for Final Implementation of the Omotenashi Platform
September 30 October is “3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) Promotion Month”!

October 4 (Japanese release dates below)

September 28 Recall of Lighting Equipment with a Built-in Sensor Imported by Niigata Seiki Co., Ltd. and Sold by Cainz Corporation (Product Replacement)
September 27 The Cabinet Approved the Cabinet Order for Stipulating the Closing Date of a Written Application for Approval of Wheeling Service Provisions Concerning the Act for Partial Revision of the Electricity Business Act (Third Stage)
September 26 Calling for Enterprise Applicants for the “HIYAKU Next Enterprise” Programs under the Program for Supporting Mid-ranking Companies and SMEs in Creating Innovation
September 26 Recall of Batteries for Electric assist Bicycles Manufactured by Panasonic Cycle Technology Co., Ltd. (Product Replacement)

October 3 (Japanese release dates below)

September 21 International Energy Agency (IEA) Published a Report on an In-Depth Review of Japan's Energy Policies
September 20 Authorization for Establishment of the Nuclear Reprocessing Organization of Japan Granted, and President and Auditor Provisionally Decided

September 30 (Japanese release dates below)

September 9 The First Meeting of the Task Force for Overseas Expansion Strategies to be Held

September 29 (Japanese release dates below)

September 26 Traditional Japanese Crafts Will Be Showcased to Gain Publicity in Paris, France
September 23 ASEAN+3 Ministers on Energy Meeting (AMEM+3) and East Asia Summit Energy Ministers Meeting (EAS EMM) were Held
September 21 Enhancement of the Consultation Service System for Intellectual Property Related to Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

September 28 (Japanese release dates below)

September 20 First Meeting of the Working Group for Deepening Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration to be Held
September 16 ANRE Estimated the Amount of Shallow Methane Hydrate Resources and Verified the Estimation Results

September 27 (Japanese release dates below)

September 21 Partnership with the World's Premier Educational Institution toward Development of Management Talent for the Service Industries
September 16 Energy Efficiency Technology Strategy 2016 Formulated

September 23 (Japanese release dates below)

September 16 The Public-Private Council for the Promotion of Appropriate Ivory Trade Measures Compiled a Report Titled “Current State and Further Efforts Regarding Ivory Trade in Japan”
September 8 The Fifth Japan-Viet Nam Policy Dialogue on Distribution and Logistics Held
September 8 The Second Japan-Myanmar Policy Dialogue on Distribution and Logistics Held

September 21 (Japanese release dates below)

September 15 Basic Policies for Future-oriented Trade Practices Released
September 13 METI Minister Seko Visited Thailand and Viet Nam
September 13 Winners of the Travel Mine Japan Project to be Announced
September 12 Parliamentary Vice-Minister Ihara Attended the APEC SME Ministerial Meeting and Other Meetings

September 16 (Japanese release dates below)

September 6 Storybook Introducing the Attractive Essence of the Kyushu Region Announced

September 15 (Japanese release dates below)

September 6 Recall of Water Dispensers Imported by Water Direct Corporation and Sold by Premium Water Inc. (Replacement of Component)

September 14 (Japanese release dates below)

September 5 METI Minister Seko Visits Russia
September 5 Memorandum concerning the Creation of Platforms for Cooperation in the Field of Mid-ranking Companies and Small and Medium Enterprises Concluded with the Ministry of Economic Development, the Russian Federation

September 13 (Japanese release dates below)

September 5 Winners of the Tenth Kids Design Awards
September 2 Technologies Selected for “Innovative Technologies 2016”: Exploring and Evaluating Japan’s Outstanding Digital Content Technology and Winners of Closest-to-Business Award

September 12 (Japanese release dates below)

September 6 Announcement of Traditional Craft Business Operators, Production Areas and Ten Model Themes Evaluated and Selected under the Craft Meet Project Across Japan

September 6 (Japanese release dates below)

September 1 The Guidelines for Trading Negawatts Revised
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