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METI Minister Seko Concluded the Hannover Declaration Japan and Germany established a cooperation framework for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

On March 19, 2017, Mr. Hiroshige Seko, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, held a meeting in Hannover, the Federal Republic of Germany, with H.E. Ms. Brigitte Zypries, Minister for Economics and Energy, Germany, and both sides concluded the Hannover Declaration, stipulating a Japan-Germany cooperation framework concerning the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

1. Outline of the Hannover Declaration (major cooperation efforts) (Appendix1)(Appendix2)

  1. Cyber security for IoT /Industrie 4.0
    • Japan and Germany will accelerate discussions toward international standardization in the field of cyber security.
  2. International standardization
    • In January 2017, Japan submitted a proposal concerning the cross-sectoral model standards for the IoT/Industrie 4.0 to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). At some international standardization organizations, Japan and Germany have been leading discussions for formulating such standards in the field.
  3. International regulatory reform
    • Both sides will promote the open data policy agreed to at the G7 ICT Ministers’ Meeting in 2016 and cooperate in measuring the effects of the policy by making use of OECD outcomes.
  4. Support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME)
    • Both sides will continue to encourage Japanese and German SMEs outstanding in IoT utilization to visit each other and share knowledge.
    • Both governments will financially support the collaboration of Japanese and German SMEs in the IoT industry.
  5. Research and Development (R&D)
    • The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) of Japan and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) of Germany concluded a memorandum of cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence.
    • Both governments will financially support inter-company joint research and development between Japan and Germany.
      Note: The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) will conduct this effort on the Japanese side.
      (Appendix 3: Summary of International Inter-Company Joint Research and Development between Japan and Germany)
  6. Platform
    • Both sides will encourage cooperation between private associations that promote the IoT/Industrie 4.0 as a platform.
  7. Digital Skills and training
    • Both sides will advance policy collaboration in fostering human resources mainly in the field of manufacturing, e.g., encouraging employees to acquire digital-related skills or to change current digital skills to new ones.
  8. Automobile industry
    • Both sides will hold discussions on policies concerning the automobile industry. They will begin with the fields of autonomous driving technologies, connected vehicles, and other advanced technologies, as well as those regarding cooperation in the development of infrastructures for charging electric vehicles.
      (Appendix 4: Details of the Memorandum Concerning the Fields of Electric Mobility Devices, Autonomous Driving Technologies, Connected Vehicles and Other Advanced Technologies)
  9. ICT Cooperation

2. Signatories

 Japanese side: Minister Seko, and Ms. Sanae Takaichi, Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications
German side: Minister Zypries

3. Background

At the Japan-Germany Summit Meeting held in March 2015, Japan and Germany agreed on the advancement of cooperation concerning IoT/Industrie 4.0 in the manufacturing industry.

As a part of the effort to identify the specifics of cooperation, METI and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), Germany, held repeated discussions and, on April 28, 2016, both ministries concluded a director-general-level joint statement aiming to advance bilateral collaboration in the fields of cyber security, international standards, regulatory reforms, human resource development, research and development, etc.

At the meeting, Japan and Germany confirmed the progress over the past year, and the ministers of both countries agreed on and concluded the Hannover Declaration aiming to further deepen cooperation in the future.


Release date

March 20, 2017

Division in Charge

Manufacturing Industries Policy Office, Manufacturing Industries Bureau

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