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Call for Public Comments Starts for a Draft Outline of the Competition Challenges in the World Robot Summit

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) released a draft outline of the competition challenges in the World Robot Summit (WRS) and started a call for public comments concerning the outline. In addition, METI and NEDO called for standard robot platforms used for two competition challenges—Partner Robot Challenge and school Robot Challenge —and decided the standard robot platforms in both categories.

1. Outline of the WRS

The WRS aims to bring together the most advanced robot technologies from all over the world, strive to solve some of our toughest challenges, deepen people’s understanding of robots, and encourage positive discussions that will lead to concrete uses and applications of robots. The WRS will feature two events: 1) World Robot Challenge (WRC), in which robots compete with one another and 2) World Robot Expo (WRE), where the latest robotic technologies will be exhibited. Through these events, the WRS will aim to accelerate the social implementation and research and development of robots in the fields of people’s real everyday lives, societies and industries, gathering worldwide stakeholders in the field of robots.

Title of event



World Robot Summit 2018

Tokyo Big Sight

October 17 - 21, 2018

World Robot Summit 2020

Aichi International Exhibition Center, Aichi Prefecture

Early October 2020

Robot Test Field, Fukushima Prefecture

Mid-August 2020

2. Draft outline of the challenges

METI and NEDO hereby release the draft outline of the challenges as shown in the Appendix, and it has started a call for public comments therefor. METI and NEDO will conduct trial of these draft challenges and revise them. If you wish to submit your opinions, complete the application form in the Appendix by filling in necessary matters and send the form heremaillink by the end of June 2017.



Industrial Robotics

Assembly Challenge

Service Robotics

Partner Robot Challenge

Future Convenience Store Challenge

Disaster Robotics

Plant Disaster Prevention Challenge

Tunnel Disaster Response and Recovery Challenge

Standard Disaster Robotics Challenge


School Robot Challenge

Home Robot Challenge

3. Standard robot platforms used for competitions

METI and NEDO calls for standard robot platforms used for two competition challenges. Partner Robot Challenge and School Robot Challenge are to compete and the standard robot platforms in both categories will be decided. In these two challenges, the WRS will require participating teams to use the selected the standard robot platforms as shown below in competitions. These platforms will be provided to such teams under predetermined conditions.



The standard robot platform

Company provided the standard robot platform

Service Robotics

Partner Robot Challenge

Human Support Robot

Toyota Motor Corporation


School Robot Challenge


SoftBank Group Corp.


Release date

April 8, 2017

Division in Charge

Robotics Policy Office, Industrial Machinery Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau

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