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METI Compiles the Results of a Survey on the Current Rate of New Business Registrations and Other Issues Related to University-Oriented Venture Businesses

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) conducted a survey of university-oriented venture businesses and discovered that the current number of such venture businesses increased from 1,773 to 1,851 in the FY2014 survey and also that 55.7% of the venture businesses became profitable, showing little change from the figure in the FY2015 survey, i.e., 55.6%.

1. Background

METI conducted FY2014 and FY2015 surveys on university-oriented venture businesses and found a plateau in the number of newly-established businesses in recent years. To analyze this situation, it is important to continue ascertaining basic data on such venture businesses, e.g., on the current rate of new business registrations and other issues related to university-oriented venture businesses, and the share of the venture businesses that become profitable. Against this backdrop, following on from FY2014 and F2015, METI conducted the FY2016 survey.

2. Summary of the survey results

The number of university-oriented venture businesses identified in the FY2016 survey was 1,851, an increase from 1,773 in the FY2015 survey.

In addition, looking at the business growth stages for university-oriented venture businesses, in the FY2016 survey, it was found that a 55.7% share of such venture businesses have become profitable, showing little change from the figure in the FY2015 survey, i.e., 55.6%.

Moreover, looking at the relationship between categories and industries concerning university-oriented venture businesses, it was found that approximately 30% (the largest share) of all such venture businesses engage in the healthcare related including biotechnology and medical equipment. In the student-based venture business category, approximately 40% involved in the field of IT, and in the joint research venture business category, approximately 30% are involved in healthcare related field, including biotechnology and medical equipment, which represents the largest share, with environmental technology-related ventures representing 23% of that category and the second largest share.

Release date

April 26, 2017

Division in Charge

Industry-University Collaboration Office, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau

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