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METI Parliamentary Vice-Minister Ogushi Visits the People’s Republic of China

From June 6 (Tue.) to June 8 (Thur.), 2017, Mr. Masaki Ogushi, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, visited Beijing, the People’s Republic of China, to attend the Second Mission Innovation Ministerial (MI-2) meeting and the Eighth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM8) meeting.

1. MI-2 meeting and CEM8 meeting

On June 7, 2017, METI Parliamentary Vice-Minister Ogushi attended the MI-2 and the CEM8 held in Beijing, China, under the chairmanship of H.E. Mr. Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology, China, and H.E. Mr. Nur Bekri, Administrator, National Energy Administration, China.


1) The MI-2 meeting

Mission Innovation(MI)is a global initiative of 23 countries and regions. MI members aim to further stimulate public-private investment in clean energy R&D. The MI Ministerial meeting aims to promote the MI initiative, bringing together ministers of the member countries. At the MI-2, the second meeting, MI members confirmed: progress in respective efforts, progress in Innovation Challenges, goals to promote R&D in the seven specific technical fields, an MI Action Plan describing priority work for the coming five years involving MI members’ respective and joint actions, and other issues. Moreover, the meeting declared collaboration with the World Economic Forum(WEF), and launching of efforts for creating a new commendation system, and other initiatives.

Japan declared enhancement of its R&D efforts in these fields and also explained the implementation of its new system for supporting new R&D projects on advanced technologies, e.g., supercritical geothermal power generation and quantum dot solar cells, as well as supporting young researchers, in particular, in research initiatives for searching and creating seeds of innovative low-carbon technologies. Following this, Japan emphasized the importance of developing technologies related to clean energy and declared that it continues to undertake efforts placing weight on this area.

2) The CEM8 meeting

The Clean Energy Ministerial(CEM)meeting brings together ministers and officials in the field of clean energy from 25 major countries and regions, including the United States, European countries, China and India, aiming to disseminate and promote clean energy worldwide. At the CEM8, the eighth meeting this year, member countries shared information on the current situation surrounding the field of clean energy, and based on the information they confirmed, achievements in CEM`s activities and fields on which member countries should focus in the future. Following this, participating ministers held discussions on future approaches to leading efforts for promoting clean energy.

As a result, participants reconfirmed a common recognition that clean energy bolsters a variety of policy goals of member countries, including countermeasures against air pollution, energy security, promotion of economic growth, and improvement of energy access, and also that the CEM should contribute to encouraging member countries to achieve their goals for clean energy. Japan showed its expectation of the CEM’s remaining functions as an important framework for member countries to overcome new challenges involving further introduction of clean energy, and also declared that Japan intends to participate in EV30@30,* a new CEM campaign in EV and other fields, and contribute to the effort through sharing with other member countries the knowledge in the fields that Japan has as a leading country in efforts for promoting clean energy technologies.

*Note:A CEM campaign designed to increase the sales share of electric vehicles (EV, PHV, and FCV) to 30% of new vehicle sales by 2030 in overall member countries

2. Meetings with other participating ministers and officials

Taking advantage of these meetings, Parliamentary Vice-Minister Ogushi held meetings with participants of member countries and exchanged views concerning bilateral cooperation relationships, focusing on the field of energy. At the meeting with H.E. Mr. James Gordon Carr, Minister of Natural Resources, Canada, the next host country of the G7 Summit Meeting, both sides reached the same recognition that Japan and Canada undertake multilateral-bilateral collaboration. At the meeting with H.E. Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Japan conveyed to the IEA its strong expectation on quality analyses and policy recommendations concerning energy.

Minister Carr, Canada

Executive Director Birol, IEA

Release date

June 8, 2017

Divisions in Charge

  • International Affairs Division, Commissioner’s Secretariat, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy
  • Energy and Environment Innovation Strategy Office, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

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