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The IoT Acceleration Lab Determines the Finalists of the HR-Solution Contest Grand Prix to be determined through a public presentation on July 25, 2017

On July 25 (Tue.), 2017, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the IoT Acceleration Lab will hold a final examination of applicants for the HR-Solution Contest –working style reforms x technologies– in a public-presentation form.

1. Outline

With dramatic changes in industrial structures brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Japan is facing an era where human resources are an increasingly important source of business competitiveness compared to material and capital inputs. Along with this trend, working styles are changing. It is therefore urgently necessary for companies to implement the lessons derived from working style reform.

Against this backdrop, a new service-"HR technology"-is growing dramatically, and seeks to improve personnel functions through: utilization of AI for personnel evaluation and recruiting as well as human resource development; labor management using IoT; and human resource operations using big data. It also aims to mprove working styles through the utilization of wearable and other devices. In this context, the IoT Acceleration Lab decided to hold the HR-Solutions Contest, in collaboration with HR Learning Technology & Big Data Analytics Consortium (LeBAC), to promote working style reforms through utilization of IoT and other cutting-edge technologies. Prior to this contest, the IoT Acceleration Lab called for outstanding ideas and solutions to overcome the many obstacles that companies are facing in personnel and labor areas.

METI and the IoT Acceleration Lab hereby announce that they will hold a final examination of applicants in a public-presentation form.

2. Final examination of the contest

From May 10 to June 9, 2017, the IoT Acceleration Lab called for applicants for the HR-Solutions Contest and received 103 applications in total, all of which offered outstanding solutions. Applications were received from a wide range of entities, including from SMEs and large corporations, from domestic and international firms, and from a variety of university departments. Applicants presented solutions to overcoming challenges from a variety of standpoints, including business and academic perspectives.

The details of the presented solutions varied widely, ranging from already-well-received products to a combination of such products and new ideas, and to totally new ideas as solutions to personnel challenges.

The IoT Acceleration Lab examined and screened these many proposals through a strict examination consisting of a document screening and a private presentation examination by an examination committee of external experts, and finally selected the following eight applicants as finalists. On July 25 (Tue.), 2017, METI and the IoT Acceleration Lab will hold a final examination of these eight ideas and solutions in a public presentation form so as to determine Grand Prix and Semi Grand Prix winners


Ideas and Solutions

TalentA Corp.

Title: Digital interview system HireVue
Outline: A communication platform for job interviews using a recording function and artificial intelligence in which candidates are able to attract attention to their passions for target companies using a selfie function, while companies are able to reduce burdens on candidates living in remote areas and increase opportunities for securing human resources

Hiroshima University

Title: World’s first AI for cultivating outstanding human resources who will not be overwhelmed by AIs
Outline: World’s first development of an AI coaching technology using non-cognitive regions (e.g., capability of making employees motivated or find challenges) aiming to achieve a bottom-up approach to developing human resources across Japanese society

Merye Inc.

Title: Quantitative interview method using mitsucari
Outline: An interview method in which a combination of an aptitude test and AI analysis allows companies to place the right employee in the right division so as to prevent employees from causing internal frictions and leaving the job quickly as a result of human-based interviews

Atrae, Inc.

Title: AI-based business matching application yenta
Outline: AI-based business matching application for business matching in which professional experts are matched if they have interest in each other

Institution for a Global Society

Outline: A service for creating a factor necessary for a variety of occupations called “QF” in which companies are able to issue a “certification” based on a scientific assessment of individual employees and provide employees with educational training courses optimally tailored to them


Outline: Eye-glasses type device JINS MEME in which companies are able to assess the effect of their human-resource measures through measuring the concentration power of employees, an important factor for productivity, so as to make a PDCA cycle smooth and achieve effective working style reforms

Hosiden Corporation

Title: MEDiTAG a device for making human relations visible
Outline: A device in which information on behaviors and frustration gained by a vital monitor beacon is analyzed to make users’ human relations visible, thereby allowing companies to optimize organizations through AI

Hitachi Solutions, Ltd.

Title: AI assistant service
Outline: A smart device providing a chatting-type assistance function responding to human voices that understands users’ talk, searches internal information, and accomplishes services

(listed in the order of application numbers)

Examiners of the final examination are as follows. (titles are omitted.)

  • Takashi Iwamoto, project professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Keio University; chair of the examination committee
  • Toshiyuki Kakimi, director, Human Resources and General Affairs Division & Human Resources Development Office, ITOCHU Corporation
  • Soichi Kariyazono, chairman, Japan Venture Capital Association
  • Yasushi Zama, director, Personnel Department, FUJIFILM Corporation, and group leader, Personnel Department, FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation
  • Ryuichiro Nakao, deputy manager, Recruit Works Institute, Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Keiko Hirayama, director, Search and Brand Marketing Control Department, Google Japan Inc.

3. Details of the event (tentative)

  • Date and time: July 25 (Tue.), 2017; from 14:30 to 18:00
  • Venue:Bell Salle Nihombashi(in Japanese)外部リンク(Fourth floor of Tokyo Nihombashi Tower, 2-7-1 Nihombashi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo)
  • Organizers:METI, IoT Acceleration Lab, LeBAC
  • Admission:Free
Schedule of the event
14:30- Final examination (presentation)
17:40- Announcement of the examination results and commendation ceremony
1: This schedule may subject to change
2: On the same date and at the same venue, the following events will also be held.

4. Prior registration of observers

Note: Interviews will be available. If you intend to conduct an interview, please contact the Office for Human Resources Policy, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau, METI; Telephone: 03-3501-2259


  • Please note that participants will be selected by lottery if the number of applicants exceeds the maximum capacity of the venue. METI will send e-mail to all applicants for the event on July 20 (Thu.), 2017, regardless of the results of the lottery.


  1. No membership fees, e.g., registration fees, are required.
  2. Any party is eligible to become a member, including individuals and organizations. Organizations may be allowed to register more than one time under the same name.

Release date

July 5, 2017

Division in Charge

Office for Human Resources Policy, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry1-3-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8901, Japan Tel: +81-(0)3-3501-1511
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