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The IoT Acceleration Lab to Hold a Joint Event Registration of event observers starts

On July 25 (Tue.), 2017, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the IoT Acceleration Lab will hold a joint event consisting of IoT Lab Connection, Local IoT Acceleration Labs, and Connected Industries Symposium events.

1. Outline

With the advent of IoT, big data, and AI, industries and society as a whole are seeing significant changes all over the world. In response to this change, it is necessary for Japan, as well as other countries, to create new IoT business models, develop IoT platform creators, and use them as a driving force for new growth.

The IoT Acceleration Lab was established to cultivate and select advanced IoT projects and provide the selected projects with thorough support in terms of collaboration with enterprises, finance and regulations, and develop environments in which the results of the projects can be implemented at a large scale, e.g., regulatory reforms or creation of new systems. As part of the efforts, the IoT Acceleration Lab will hold the following events on July 25 (Tue.), 2017.

  1. Fifth IoT Lab Connection: solution matching event
  2. Local IoT Acceleration Labs: Presentations by selected regions
  3. Connected Industries Symposium

Note: In conjunction with these events, METI and the IoT Acceleration Lab will also hold a final examination of applicants for the HR-Solution Contest -working style reform x technologies- and select winners outstanding for their ideas or solutions to promote working style reforms based on IoT and other advanced technologies.

2. Details of the events

1) Fifth IoT Lab Connection: solution matching event

As part of the efforts for supporting projects in collaboration with companies, the IoT Acceleration Lab will hold a business matching event targeting member companies, associations, municipalities and other entities that hold keys to business success or that seek to meet their customers’ needs. Through this event, the IoT Acceleration Lab aims to provide an opportunity for business owners who intend to create new business models to exchange views with other business owners with related business models or technologies as well as services, thereby leading to the creation of specific projects and the social implementation of the results.

Themes on which the fifth event will focus:

  • Working style reforms
  • Sharing economy

Associations participating in a presentation matching event:
freee K.K., Pasona Inc., Tagcast Inc., and Kobe City (two other associations are in the process of scheduling)

2) Local IoT Acceleration Labs: Presentations by selected regions

METI and the IoT Acceleration Lab have been calling for initiatives for the eligible entities, aiming to select such initiatives that create IoT projects in local areas as Local IoT Acceleration Labs to support the establishment of IoT business startups through such local efforts.

Five municipalities selected as winners under the Local IoT Acceleration Labs project through the first selection in July 2016 and the second selection in March 2017 will explain their IoT-based leading efforts.

Municipalities providing presentations:
Ina City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Sendai City, Kitakyushu City, and Kaga City

3) Connected Industries Symposium

Taking the opportunity of their attendance at CeBIT 2017, a global event for digital business held in Germany in March 2017, Mr. Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister, Mr. Hiroshige Seko, Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, and other officials of Japan declared Japan’s policy concept “Connected Industries” before participants, as an ideal approach that industries should achieve. To promote the policy concept for value creation through the connection between industries, the symposium will bring together experts and professionals who are playing a key role in the government, industry and academia sectors and hold panel discussions.
Note: METI will separately release further details of this event.

3. Details of the event (tentative)

Date and time:
July 25(Tue.), 2017; from 10:00 to 18:00
Bell Salle Nihombashi(Fourth floor of Tokyo Nihombashi Tower, 2-7-1 Nihombashi, Chuo Ward, Tokyo)
METI, IoT Acceleration Lab, and New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO)
HR Learning Technology & Big Data Analytics Consortium(LeBAC), and Sharing Economy Association, Japan
Stage site
10:00-:[IoT Lab Connection]Presentation matching event
Theme-based presentations by companies(themes: working style reforms, sharing economy)
11:20-:Ceremony for approving outstanding companies(organizer: Sharing Economy Association, Japan)
13:00-:Connected Industries Symposium]Panel discussions
14:30-:Final presentation examination of the HR-Solution Contest
16:40-:[Local IoT Acceleration Labs]Presentations by selected regions
17:40-:Announcement of the examination results and commendation ceremony of the HR-Solution Contest
Business-matching site
10:00-:[IoT Lab Connection] 1:1 business matching

Note 1:Several events will be held simultaneously at different venues at Bell Salle Nihombashi.
Note 2:This schedule may slightly change due to delay in progress and other factors during the event.

4. Prior registration of observers

Observers are allowed to enter the stage site. If you have membership in the IoT Acceleration Lab and intend to observe the events, please register in advance by sending an application form through the following website.


  • Interviews will be available. If you intend to make an interview, please contact the IT Innovation Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, METI (telephone: 03-3501-2646).
  • If you do not have membership, please register in advance on the following website concerning the membership guide before applying for the event.
    IoT Acceleration Consortiumlink of out
  • Please note that completion of registration may take a few days.
  • Please note that participants will be selected by lottery if the number of applicants exceeds the maximum capacity of the venue. METI will send email to all applicants for the event by July 20 (Thu.), 2017, regardless of the results of the lottery.

Release date

July 5, 2017

Divisions in Charge

  • Information on the IoT Lab Selection and the Local IoT Acceleration Labs
    IT Innovation Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau
  • Information on the Connected Industries Symposium
    Information Economy Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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