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METI begins Accepting Applications for Certification as Fourth Industrial Revolution Skills Courses

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) established a program whereby the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry certifies practical educational training courses mainly in the fields of IT and data-related fields as Fourth Industrial Revolution Skills Courses ("Re-Skills Courses"), and began accepting applications today.

1. Purpose

The "Certification Program for Fourth Industrial Revolution Skills Courses" is a program whereby the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry certifies practical educational courses targeting workers mainly in the IT and data fields in which future growth is highly anticipated and the creation of new employment is forecasted, thereby providing opportunities for such workers to acquire advanced expertise and knowledge, and to advance their careers.

logo In order to popularize this program, METI created a popular name, slogan and logo.

Connected Industries:
Handing over Skilled Personnel to the Future
Fourth Industrial Revolution Skills Courses (Re-Skills Courses)

METI began accepting applications for certification of educational programs under this program which are to be launched in and after April 2018.

2. Courses covered

The first certification is given to educational courses for workers in the following fields that are to be launched in and after April 2018.


  1. AI, IoT, data science and cloud computing, including courses incorporating new development methods, e.g., design thinking and agile development
  2. Advanced security and networking
  3. IT utilization, e.g., model-based development in the field of automobiles


  1. Fundamental and basic IT skill courses are excluded.
  2. Expanding the coverage of this entitlement will be discussed.

Furthermore, in light of the report compiled by an expert meeting in June 2017, METI requires candidate training courses to satisfy the following requirements in order to be certified in this program. Please refer to the Guidelines for further details of the requirements.

Requirements for courses

Such training courses must:

  • state the details of occupations to be fostered, capabilities and skills, and training;
  • state the required practical knowledge, techniques and skills;
  • provide practical courses, including practical work training, practice of necessary skills, exercises or presentations, accounting for at least 50% of the curricula as a whole;
  • conduct examinations and testing of trainees final performance and capabilities;
  • strive to provide a worker-friendly environment (e.g. through providing e-learning opportunities);
  • establish a follow-up system to evaluate work performance of graduates of the courses; etc.

Requirements for organizations providing the training courses

Organizations running the training courses should:

  • stably continue to hold such courses based on certain conditions, e.g. financial considerations and past performance review;
  • Ensure sufficient organizational systems, facilities, lecturers and other necessary resources;
  • maintain eligibility and not fall below any disqualifying criteria; etc.


3. Collaboration with the "Training and Education Benefits System" of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) plans to include a portion of the educational courses certified by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry that satisfy the requirements specified by MHLW as courses eligible for its Training and Education Benefits System (specialized practical training).

* To receive a designation under MHLW's Training and Education Benefits System, an application needs to be filed separately with MHLW.

4. Application method, etc.

Applications for Re-Skills Course certification are accepted as follows;

Period for acceptance

Friday, September 15, 2017, to Saturday, October 28, 2017

Application method

Please file an application through the following procedures, using the e-Gov Electronic Application System.

(ⅰ)Obtain an ID and password for the System.

* To send an application form through the System, you need to enter your ID and password. First contact the IT Utilization Promotion Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau (IT Innovation Division: 03-3501-2646) to obtain an ID and password.

(ⅱ)Use the System.

You can use the System at the following URL. Before using the system, please read the users' manual or contact the help desk.

(ⅲ)Obtain forms (Form 1 to Form 6) through the System and enter necessary data therein.

* Before entering data, please read the Guidelines and sample forms.

(ⅳ)File an application by sending completed forms and necessary documents through the System.

* If there is difficulty in sending attached documents electronically, the documents to be attached only may be sent to the following address by post (must be postmarked by the deadline).

[Address for physical documents to be attached]
Office for Accepting Applications for Re-Skills Course Accreditation
IT Innovation Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, METI
Zip code100-8901: 1-3-1, Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

(ⅴ)A hearing may be held to examine the content of the course.

Release date

September 15, 2017

Divisions in Charge

Information on the accreditation system:
Office for Human Resources Policy, Economic and Industrial Policy Bureau
Information on application procedures therefor:
IT Innovation Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry1-3-1 Kasumigaseki, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-8901, Japan Tel: +81-(0)3-3501-1511
Copyright Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. All Rights Reserved.