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Recipe and Tools for Supporting Smart Monozukuri Targeting Mid-ranking Companies and SMEs in the Manufacturing Industry Compiled

Mid-ranking companies and SMEs in the manufacturing industry in Japan often face challenges in the utilization of IoT-based technologies. Aiming to help such companies overcome challenges, the Robot Revolution Initiative of Japan (RRI) called to manufacturers for IoT-based tools and recipes that such companies would be able to use easily and affordably. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) hereby announces that RRI has selected information on tools and recipes submitted by the applicants and compiled the results into a collection titled “Recipe and Tools for Supporting Smart Monozukuri.” METI has been supporting the project and will continue to encourage mid-ranking companies and SMEs to utilize IoT-based technologies.

1. Background and other information

Western companies, and other entities, are leading in the creation of new business models in the manufacturing industries through the utilization of IoT-based technologies. Within this trend, mid-ranking companies and SMEs in the manufacturing industries in Japan are facing challenges in the utilization of IoT, e.g., in understanding the purpose of using IoT or recognizing the types of data they should choose and utilize. To overcome such challenges, it is desirable that such mid-ranking companies and SMEs be encouraged to abandon preconceived notions that IoT-based technologies are too elaborate to embrace and that they make use of easier, affordable commercial applications, sensor modules and other tools in a steady manner.

In cooperation with RRI, METI has been promoting efforts through the operation of a working group. The IoT-based Business Reform Working Group aims to encourage whole sectors of the manufacturing industries to utilize IoT-based technologies. Against the backdrop described above, in 2016, RRI made a public call for easier and affordable “IoT tools” that mid-ranking companies and SMEs in the manufacturing industries would be able to use, and publicized 106 applicants as tools for supporting smart Monozukuri. In addition to the call for IoT tools, RRI conducted a second initiative called “IoT Recipe,” that aimed to discover systems in which individual IoT tools are connected and undertaken by companies across Japan, as well as calling for applicants.

2. Summary of the successful applicants’ recipes

Based on the selections of an examination committee mainly consisting of SME business owners in the manufacturing industries, RRI sorted the applications and proposals that it received, and selected 93 tools and 28 recipes as winners. It has publicized these successful tools and recipes on the RRI official website for the recipe and tools (in Japanese).external link

Release date

October 10, 2017

Division in Charge

Manufacturing Industries Policy Office, Manufacturing Industries Bureau

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