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The IoT Lab Selection Event Was Held and Winners Were Selected and Recognized

On October 5 (Thur.), 2017, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the IoT Acceleration Lab held the IoT Lab Selection event, and selected outstanding IoT-based projects as winners and recognized them for the Grand Prix and Semi Grand Prix.

With the advent of IoT, big data and AI, industries and society as a whole are seeing significant changes all over the world. In response to this situation, it is necessary for Japan to create new IoT business models, uncover and develop IoT platform creators, and use them as a driving force for new growth.

The IoT Acceleration Lab was established to cultivate and select advanced IoT projects and provide the selected projects with thorough support in terms of collaboration with enterprises, finance and regulations, and develop environments in which the results of the projects can be implemented on a large scale, e.g., regulatory reforms or creation of new systems. As part of the efforts, the IoT Acceleration Lab broadly called for applicants undertaking IoT-based projects, and on October 5 (Thur.), 2017, held the Fourth IoT Lab Selection (Problem-solving-based IoT Lab Selection).

At the event, concerning five projects sorted by the first and second examinations, finalists made presentations before the public as the final examination and the winners were selected. The IoT Acceleration Lab recognized the winners of the Grand Prix and Semi Grand Prix as follows.

Grand Prix
  • Winner: O: Co., Ltd.
  • Title of project: World’s First Service Involving Approaches to Making Circadian Clock Visualizations and Improving Quality of Sleep as well as Productivity
Semi Grand Prix
  • Winner: Oton Glass Inc.
  • Title of project: Oton Glass: Assisted Reading Smart Glasses

In collaboration with government-related organizations, financial institutes, venture capital businesses and other support organizations, the IoT Acceleration Lab will provide the finalists of the five projects, including the winners of the two projects, with financial support, support from escorting mentors, and support for regulatory reforms and standardization.

For details of these projects, visit the IoT Lab Selection website concerning public-private joint effort for supporting outstanding IoT projects (in Japanese).)external link

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IoT Acceleration Lab websiteexternal link

Release date

October 11, 2017

Division in Charge

IT Innovation Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau

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