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The Public-Private Council for the Promotion of Appropriate Ivory Trade Measures Compiled a Follow-up Report

In September 2016, the Public-Private Council for the Promotion of Appropriate Ivory Trade Measures compiled and released a report on the current state of ivory trade both inside and outside Japan and future efforts made by the stakeholders participating in the council, aiming to ensure that ivory trade would be appropriately conducted in Japan. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) hereby announces that the council compiled the results of the efforts conducted after the release of the initial report into a new follow-up report.

Key points of the follow-up report
1. Recent International Trend in Regard to Ivory Trade

From September to October 2016, The Seventeenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Washington Convention*1 was held. At the conference, a draft resolution was submitted concerning closure of domestic trade markets for ivory. Ultimately, the meeting participants unanimously adopted a resolution reflecting the opinion of Japan, the United States and other parties that markets that should be closed are the domestic markets that could lead to illegal hunting of elephants and illegal trade of ivory.

*Note1:The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora(CITES)

2. Progress on Efforts Made by the Stakeholders

In light of the international trend described above, since the release of the council's previous report, the stakeholders participating in the council undertook the following additional efforts.

  1. Amendments to the Law for the Conservation of Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora [The Ministry of the Environment(MOE), METI]
  2. Control on domestic ivory trade[MOE, METI, the National Police Agency(NPA), private associations/companies]
  3. Import and export control[METI. the Ministry of Finance(MOF)]
  4. Official information provision [MOE, METI, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA)]
  5. Support for counter poaching in African nations within the migration range of African elephant populations[private company, MOFA]
  6. Identification of domestic stocks of ivory[MOE]

3. Challenges to be addressed

The Council will continue to hold discussions concerning the following issues so as to make full efforts toward strict control on the ivory market.

  • Promotion of understanding of related laws and regulations and thorough compliance by businesses
  • Enhance the effectiveness of Customs control of illegal imports and exports at the border
  • Disseminate and raise public awareness of legal systems involving sales of ivory to non-Japanese nationals
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the crackdowns on illegal trade using opportunities provided by  e-commerce

Reference: Constituent Stakeholders (An asterisk (*) shows joint secretariat of the Council)

[Japanese Government]
MOE,* METI,* NPA, MOFA, MOF, and the Agency for Cultural Affairs
The Liaison Group for Tackling Illegal Transactions (the Telecommunications Carriers Association (TCA), the Telecom Services Association (TELESA), the Japan Internet Providers Association (JAIPA), the Japan Cable and Telecommunications Association (JCTA)), DeNA Co., Ltd., KDDI Commerce Forward Corporation, the Japanese Seal Engravers Association, the Association for Seal and Stamp Products Companies of Japan, the Nationwide Pawnshop Union Alliance Society, National Federation of Commerce and Industry Associations for Japanese Traditional Instrument, the Antique Dealers Crime Prevention Associations Federation of Tokyo, the Japan Federation of Ivory Arts and Crafts Associations,* and Yahoo Japan Corporation.*
Mr. Yoshio Kaneko, professor, Iwate Prefectural University, and Mr. Nobuo Ishii, professor, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University


Release date

November 22, 2017

Division in Charge

Lifestyle Industries Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau

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