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New International Standards Issued for Maturity Model for Assessment and Improvement of Community Infrastructures For the development of sustainable Community infrastructures

New international standards for a maturity model for assessment and improvement of community infrastructures have been issued as "ISO 37153" based on the proposal filed by Japan to the International Organization for Standardization(ISO), aiming to advance the development of sustainable community infrastructures.

1. Background

Many cities around the world are facing a variety of challenges in their development, including air pollution, traffic jams, and sanitation. To overcome these challenges and achieve sustainable community development, it is extremely important for such cities to establish environments in which the infrastructures that cities are composed of, such as energy supply systems, water-supply and sewage systems, transportation systems, waste treatment facilities and ICT platforms, are continually assessed and improved.

To address this situation, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI)launched a Project for the Establishing New International Standards*1 regarding study and discussions of metrics for assessing community infrastructures in any country around the world.*2 Based on the results of the project, in June 2015, Japan submitted a proposal to the ISO for international standardization for development approaches to assessment and improvement of community infrastructures based on a maturity model. Following this, the working group under the ISO held Japan-led discussions concerning the proposal, and as a result, on December 11, 2017, based on the proposal, the ISO issued new international standards for maturity model for assessment and improvement(ISO 37153).*3

  1. METI conducted the project titled "Project for Establishing New International Standards for Energy Conservation and Promoting the Dissemination of Such Standards"(international standards development for energy conservation;international standardization category;new project category)by commissioning it to a private entity. The working group, i.e., ISO/TC 268/SC 1/WG 1(infrastructure metrics)under ISO/TC 268/SC 1(smart community infrastructures), discussed Japan's proposal under the leadership of Mr. Zhou Yicheng, Fujitsu Ltd., acting as a project leader.
  2. METI drafted ISO/TR 37150(smart community infrastructures - review of existing activities relevant to metrics)and ISO/TS 37151(smart community infrastructures - principles and requirements for performance metrics), and based on these, the ISO issued these new standards.
  3. ISO 37153 Smart community infrastructures - Maturity model for assessment and improvement

2. Outline of the international standards

The newly issued international standards, i.e., ISO 37153, provide guidance for promoting continual improvement of community infrastructures through defining the maturity levels of such infrastructures using a consistent terminology and by comprehensively assessing such infrastructures.

The maturity levels of community infrastructures consist of five achievement levels defined in respect to particular assessment metrics. The metrics further consist of three perspectives:[i]technical performance, [ii]process and[iii]interoperability of community infrastructures. Such infrastructures are also to be assessed from the viewpoint of the level of their contribution to overcoming community challenges as well as the performance of the infrastructures themselves.

The new standards will contribute to clarifying the gap between these levels and the target level that executors of community development plans (e.g., municipalities) wish to achieve, thereby helping them assess the direction of their efforts towards improving the infrastructures.

Figure:Community infrastructure maturity model according to the new standards


3. Expected effects brought about by the issuance of the international standards

The issuance of the international standards is expected to facilitate the establishment of a market environment in which Japan's outstanding community infrastructure services and technologies(e.g. high-performance energy conservation infrastructure)are accurately assessed, thereby contributing to solutions to challenges that many cities are facing worldwide.

Release date

December 26, 2017

Division in Charge

International Electrotechnology Standardization Division, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau

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