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The Japan Patent Office Logogram for the Regional Collective Trademark System Determined To showcase the proof of local specialties in your region

In 2006, the Japan Patent Office (JPO) launched the Regional Collective Trademark System* initiative, aiming to protect and promote regional brands. Since then, many regional organizations have been utilizing the system aiming for the growth of industry to pave the way for the establishment of their own brands playing a role as flagship products of the regions.

In response to the strong request from organizations that make use of the system, JPO decided on a logogram for the system

The logogram aims to encourage the eligible users of regional collective trademarks for their local specialties that have been registered at the JPO under the system to show the proof of the registration to their customers. The JPO itself will strive to raise public recognition of the logogram through proactively making use of the logogram in PR campaigns on the system.

1. The logogram for the system

Colored versionMonochrome version

2. Explanation of the logogram

The logogram for the regional collective trademark system aims to show that the local specialties have been registered at the JPO under the system.

The design of the logogram is simple as a whole, and represents the rising sun combined with a map of Japan to show the presence of Japan, thereby encouraging customers to link the logogram to the proof certified by the government.

The term “Local Specialty” of the logogram refers to regional specialties, representing registered regional collective trademarks of all regions across Japan.

*Note: Outline of the system

The Regional Collective Trademark System, established in 2006, aims to appropriately protect regional brands, thereby contributing to maintaining the trust of businesses, consolidating their industrial competitiveness and revitalizing regional economies. Under the system, applicants are eligible to successfully register their trademarks, a simple combination of the name of the region and the name of the product or service, if they satisfy predetermined requirements. As of the end of December 2017, 617 trademarks have been registered under the system.

3. Eligible users of the registered trademarks

In principle, eligible users of the regional collective trademarks registered under the system are limited to associations as right owners of the trademarks, members of the associations and licensees authorized to use the trademarks by the associations.

4. Contact counter

For further information, visit the following website:

Release date

January 25, 2018

Division in Charge

Trademark Division, Trademark and Customer Relations Department, JPO

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