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Experiment for Examination of Standard Specification of Digital Shopping Receipts to be Conducted To raise consumers' understanding of such receipts through the utilization of individual-sourced consumer purchase history data

On February 13, 2018, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI)will start an experiment for the examination of a standard specification of digitized shopping receipts(digital receipts)in Machida City, Tokyo. In this experiment, participating stores in various industries will issue digital receipts under the standard specification to participating consumers and will connect the data on the receipts to the smartphone application with prior consent of such consumers. Through this experiment, METI aims to advance the development of environments under which businesses are able to make use of individual-sourced consumer purchase history data.

1. Background to the experiment

Consumers' shopping histories are useful data for businesses in developing and providing new products and services based on accurate understanding about consumers' attitudes. Shopping receipts or purchase history data, the object of this experiment, are highly useful sources for businesses in ascertaining information on identification of consumers, their shopping time and sites and their purchased goods.

Meanwhile, in many cases, purchase history data is managed by each business respectively, and consequently it is difficult to combine those data in order to grasp a series of purchase history data which shows specific individual consumers shop around a variety of stores.

To overcome this challenge, the experiment will focus on digital receipts. In the experiment, participating stores issue shopping receipts digitalized under a certain standard specification and participating consumers will accumulate this data on their smartphone applications, then it enables integrated management of such digital receipts issued by a various stores as individual-oriented consumer data.

2. Outline of the experiment

With the participation of 27 stores in Machida City, Tokyo, including restaurants, convenience stores, supermarkets, drugstores, commodity stores and their system vendors, as cooperators, the experiment will introduce a test system for digital receipts under a certain standard specification.

The detailed flow of the experiment is as follows:

  1. Participating consumers will install a test application for digital receipts into their own smartphones.
  2. They will shop at participating stores and receive digital receipts from the stores. In this step, they can set for themselves a data masking function to conceal part of their digital receipts or personal data accumulated in a data pool of the predetermined data center.
  3. These consumers will determine whether or not they provide their own digital receipts to other application services, e.g., bookkeeping or health management applications. If they agree to do so, they will be eligible to make use of the services provided by such other applications.
  4. Based on the results of the experiment, METI will examine the effectiveness of the standard specification and possible application programming interfaces(API)that connect the digital-receipt data to such other applications and also will study approaches to making use of the masked shopping data of participating consumers accumulated in the data pool.
Pictures of the test digital-receipt application

3. Details of the experiment

(1)Period:From February 13 to 28, 2018(the experiment time depends on the service hours of the participating stores.)

(2)Venue:Stores operated by participating companies below in Machida City, Tokyo

(3)Participating companies:

Company to which METI commissioned the experiment
Toshiba Tec Corporation
Cooperation companies in providing a store
Welcia Yakkyoku Co., Ltd.
Ginza Cozy Corner Co., Ltd.
Cocokara Fine Inc.
Santoku Corporation
Tokyu Hands Inc.
Ministop Co., Ltd.
Cooperation companies in providing a system
Intage Inc.
VINX Corp.
Just Planning Inc.
Sorimachi Giken Co., Ltd.
Fujitsu Ltd.
Cloud computing/IoT
Tokyo Electron Device Limited
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.
Nihon Unisys, Ltd.
Smartphone applications
LINE Corporation
Adwel Inc.
Crowd Cast, Ltd.
Grand-Design Co., Ltd.
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Money Forward, Inc.
Other cooperation companies
KDDI Research, Inc.
Trial Holdings, Inc.

Project name:FY2017 NEDO Project for the Development of Infrastructures for Creating New Industrial Models Taking Advantage of IoT:Development of Standard Data Formats and APIs for Digital Receipts, organized by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization(NEDO)

Release date

January 31, 2018

Division in Charge

Consumer Affairs, Distribution and Retail Industry Division, Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group

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