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New International Standards for Pictograms for Warm Water Bidet Successfully Registered Realization of Japan-oriented simple operation panels for such toilets

In response to Japan’s proposal, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) registered new international standards for six types of pictograms representing warm water bidet (ISO7000: graphical symbols for use on equipment). This registration is expected to contribute to distributing across international markets safe and comfortable restroom environments for all users, including overseas tourists in Japan, and to improve the user-friendliness of restrooms.

1. Background

As Japan is experiencing record high number of overseas tourists every year, many such tourists have been facing difficulties in using public restrooms due to difficulty with understanding the meaning of a variety of pictograms indicated on operation buttons of warm water bidet. This situation is caused in part by differences among pictograms used by manufacturers to represent similar bidet functions. To overcome this challenge and cultivate new international markets in the field of warm water bidet, Japan sought to establish international standards for pictograms for such operation buttons.

2. Outline of the international standards and past efforts

To this end, a Joint Working Group to review ISO 7000 (secretariat: Japanese Standards Association (JSA)) discussed domestic standards for pictograms for operation buttons of warm water bidet, developed the Japan Sanitary Equipment Industry Association, and based on them, prepared a draft proposal for new international standards for such pictograms. In March 2017, Japan submitted the proposal to the ISO / TC145 (graphical symbols) / SC3 (graphical symbols for use on equipment). In response, through coordinating opinions among experts of member countries and conducting the final voting by them, the ISO officially registered new international standards for such pictograms in January 2018.

The ISO additionally registered the following six types of pictograms for operation buttons of warm water bidet as new international standards under the ISO7000 (graphical symbols for use on equipment).


Note: The pictograms representing “toilet, flush” and “toilet, light flush” will also be applied to a variety of toilets other than such warm water bidet.

3. Expected effects

This new international standardization will contribute to the provision of more comfortable, user-friendly restrooms in Japan to not only local nationals but also to overseas tourists, the number of which is expected to further grow. Moreover, the enhanced global popularity of Japan’s warm water bidet is expected to contribute to the further dissemination of its other highly functional toilet seats, as well as such bidet, across international markets.

4. Future actions

In response to the ISO registration of the new standards, Japan will start discussions concerning the revision of the existing domestic standards (JIS) to make such standards consistent with the new ISO standards.

Release date

February 26, 2018

Division in Charge

International Standardization Division, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau

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