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Call for Applicants for the Young Professionals Japan Program for Fostering Future Experts as Leaders of International Standardization Activities

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) opens call for applications for the FY2018 first round of the ISO/IEC Young Professionals Japan Program (hereinafter referred to as the “YoungPro” program) for the purpose of fostering human resources in the field of international standardization who are able to exercise leadership in negotiations at meetings of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

1. Outline of the program

Businesses worldwide recognize activities for international standardization as part of open and closed strategies* that may influence future growth. Japan has compiled action plans for international standardization by uniting efforts in the public and private sectors, including those described in the Three Action Plans for the Development of Human Resources Responsible for Standardization, formulated in January 2017. In these plans, Japan focuses on the efforts for fostering standardization-related human resources who will bolster companies’ activities for international standardizations as important measures.

*Note: Open and closed strategies are business strategies involving intellectual property in which companies discuss and select purpose-based approaches to disclosure, confidentiality and right acquisition of intellectual property to increase their profit, such as efforts for protecting achievements derived from innovations using intellectual property rights in parallel with expanding markets by standardization of such achievements.

As one of the measures to achieve this goal, METI conducted a series of the YoungPro programs aiming to foster human resources who will be able to exercise leadership in presenting Japan’s proposals for standardization at ISO and IEC meetings. The program has been completed five times in the IEC fields, twice in the ISO fields, and four times covering both ISO and IEC fields from 2016. A total of 233 participants have graduated so far.

METI will hold two rounds of the program in FY2018, and hereby opens the call for applicants for the first round.

2. Outline of the call

Period of the call: From May 24 (Thur.) to June 22 (Fri.), 2018
How to apply: If you wish to apply for the program, fill in the necessary information in a separate application form and send it by email to the following address:
Send e-mail for the applicationMAIL
Capacity: Approximately 20 (one applicant per company or association, in principle)
Scheduled dates of the program: [i] July 24 (Tue.), [ii] July 31 (Tue.), [iii] August 7 (Tue.), and [iv] August 28 (Tue.) (four lectures to be held in total)

3. Related documents

Details of the call and application guidelines
Application form
Sample of application form
Note: For more information, visit the following website:

Release date

May 24, 2018

Division in Charge

Technical Regulations, Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy Division, Industrial Science and Technology Policy and Environment Bureau

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