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METI Releases "Fifty Japanese Companies Providing Successful Careers for Highly-skilled Foreign Professionals"

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) released “Fifty Japanese Companies Providing Successful Careers for Highly-skilled Foreign Professionals” as a collection of successful case examples of 50 leading companies that have been proactively employing overseas human resources with advanced knowledge and skills (hereinafter referred to as “highly-skilled foreign professionals”) and achieving outcomes including expansion of business overseas.

1. Background to the preparation of the collection

In collaboration with related ministries, agencies and organizations, METI has been launching PR campaigns inside and outside Japan in order to further attract highly-skilled foreign professionals to Japan. In deploying these PR campaigns, some companies, mainly regional medium-sized enterprises and SMEs, requested METI to offer referential information on leading companies’ efforts in such employment, including approaches to employing and recruiting foreign professionals, developing internal environments to encourage such professionals to continue their career, and advantages of such employment. To address this request, METI, utilizing the networks of the Regional Bureaus of Economy, Trade and Industry, etc., collected information on 50 companies that encourage highly-skilled foreign professionals to exercise their abilities and lead their employment to generating business opportunities from their specific strengths.

2. Details of the collection

The collection of case examples categorizes advantages that companies gain by encouraging highly-skilled foreign professionals exercising their abilities into four groups: overseas business development and acquisition of new clients; product and service development through the perspectives of foreign professionals; establishment of new business models; and cultivating global mindsets among the existing employees. From these four perspectives, the collection explains case examples of leading companies categorized in the respective groups.

Moreover, the collection explains a variety of efforts that such companies are taking to employ foreign professionals, such as building networks by visiting domestic and overseas universities, actively accepting interns, and retaining foreign professionals by clearly presenting future career paths to such professionals, while enriching internal training programs.

METI hopes that many companies and foreign professionals make use of this collection as a reference in deploying recruiting campaigns or considering building careers in Japan.

3. Full text of the collection

Release date

May 25, 2018

Division in Charge

Technical Cooperation Division, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau

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