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Reference Book based on Skill Standards for Robot SIer Compiled

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Robot Revolution Initiative (RRI) compiled a reference book to explain the details of the Skill Standards for Robot System Integrators (Robot SIer).

1. Outline of the reference book

The reference book provides overview of the Skill Standards for Robot SIer, the first version of which was formulated in June 2017, focusing on the skills stipulated in the national standards and related information. The reference book - a guidebook - will enhance user understanding of services by robot system integrators by presenting systematic explanations of such services, ranging from drafting a proposal for introducing robot-based machine systems to designing and assembling such systems.

Targeting people who intend to enter this field as a user, the reference book aims to offer basic knowledge for effective understanding. To this end, it provides well-organized, essential information in a two-page spread in a manner which allows users to easily find important information on desired topics.

The reference book was collaboratively written by robot system integrators working for companies and experts in a variety of related fields. In writing the book, these authors endeavored to prioritize information that readers should understand, particularly, in practical services.

2. Composition of the reference book

The reference book is composed of the following chapters by category of skills stipulated in the Skill Standards for Robot SIer.

  1. Organizational structure
  2. Production technology
  3. Safety/quality response
  4. Machine design
  5. Electricity design
  6. Robot control
  7. Image processing
  8. System control
  9. Electrical wiring
  10. Machine assembly

3. How to access the reference book

The reference book is open to anyone who agrees to observe the terms of use of the website stipulated by METI. METI hopes that people involved in training programs or educational activities will make use of the reference book.

In addition, the reference book is accessible on the reference document download page for robot system integrators under the Robot Utilization Navigation section on the following website:

Release date

May 31, 2018

Division in Charge

Robotics Policy Office, Industrial Machinery Division, Manufacturing Industries Bureau

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