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METI to Hold Kids Day Event

41 exhibitions, the largest number ever, will welcome children

June 26, 2018

METI Kids Day is an event which provides preschool, elementary and junior high school students on their summer holidays with opportunities to enjoy learning through directly experiencing cutting-edge technologies and taking part in hands-on workshops in creating things. We are looking forward to seeing you at METI.

1. Outline of the event

[Dates] August 1 (Wed.) and 2 (Thur.), 2018
[Time] From 10:00 to 16:00
[Venue] The first floor and the hall in the second basement, etc. of the main building of METI
* The reception counter will open on the first floor of the main building.

2. Programs

At the 2018 METI Kids Day event, 41 associations, the largest number ever, will hold exhibitions. The event, which has increased in size from last year, will provide a variety of programs through which participating children can experience new discoveries.

METI hopes that by taking this opportunity, many children will experience cutting-edge technologies such as VR (virtual reality) exhibitions and learn computer programing by assembling specially designed blocks.

Moreover, at the 2018 event, METI will provide new, enhanced hands-on workshops, such as a wool-felt workshop and an accessory sewing studio, as well as providing conventional, highly-popular workshops, such as those for making a solar-powered car and for assembling an alarm clock.

3. Note to visitors

No space for your cars or bicycles will be provided at the event. Please take public transportation when you visit METI.

4. More information on the event

METI will update more information on the event. Follow us on the websites below:

Note: METI Kids Day is part of the “Children’s Day for Visiting Kasumigaseki” campaign, an annual public event organized by government offices in the Kasumigaseki area, in which various exhibitions and other programs for children are provided for the purpose of introducing the core functions and activities of each organization. Participants, namely preschool children, elementary and junior high students and their guardians, are able to visit all participating government offices freely using a common pass card, which will be issued at the entrance to each office.

Division in Charge

Public Relations Office, Minister’s Secretariat